Levelland City Council Holds Regular Meeting


The Levelland City Council held their regular meeting Monday night.

The council approved calling the City of Levelland General Election for Saturday, May 6.  The election will be for District B and District D.  The election will be held in the new election administration office for both early voting and election day.

The council also took action on a request for Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund from the Texas Junior Limousin Association.  It had been approved at $3,000 however, the association has requested up to $4000.

The council also approved a bid for gasoline and diesel fuel with Petro Products at a 8 cent markup over the rack price which is the price paid by Petro Products.  The current bid was for 9.5 cents over rack price.  The city uses approximately 75,000 gallons of gasoline and approximately 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

The council also approved participation in the 2017 Regional Group Seal Coat program.  Councilman Billy Youngblood stated some reservation about the quality of the job in 2016.  It was noted that there was some problems with getting people to move cars out of the street.  It was also noted their will be a separate bid put out for seal coating from the 2015 Blizzard.  Councilman Max Ledesma also asked if Houston street was included in this.  It was pointed out that Houston street is a state highway and is TxDOT’s responsibility.

The council passed an ordinance that will require a new Certificate of Occupancy on any new building or structure in the city.  This would include any time there is a change in the occupant through an ownership change, new tenent, etc.  This allows the city to make sure all buildings are in compliance.  Single family or Dual family homes would not be required to get a certificate of occupancy if it sold.  Current structures would not have to get one unless their is major remodeling or an ownership change.  This ordinance was approved on a first reading.  It will take effect immediately after approval on a second reading at a later city council meeting.

The council also heard a request from the Keep Levelland Beautiful group to place a temporary hold on authorizing or permitting the construction or installation of any and all free standing signs and illuminated signs used for commercial establishments.  Mary Siders spoke on behalf of the group.  She stated that approximately a month ago the planning and zoning commission was asked to approve another “lighted billboard” on college avenue.  She stated that got the group into looking at the signs around town.  She showed a slide presentation of old dilapidated and vacant signs in Levelland, noting that some of the worst is on college ave and 114.  It was also questioned about weeds and over growth underneath billboards on the highway and who is responsible for that.  The committee is asking for a 6 month stop on new permits so that the group and P&Z and the city can look at the current ordinance and make changes as needed.  She noted the group does want to be business friendly.  The group is looking at brightness of signs, allowance on number of signs in given area, rules for closed businesses and abandoned signs.  They also are looking at garage sale signs and are researching ideas to keep the community cleaner.  “We are not after more government in businesses.” said Mary Siders.   Legal counsel for the City of Levelland said that it would be necessary to table action due to an error in posting of the agenda item.

The council also approved the updated ordinance regarding food service establishments on a second and final reading.

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News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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