Keep Levelland Beautiful Named Affiliate of the Month by Keep Texas Beautiful

The Keep Levelland Beautiful program was named the Keep Texas Beautiful April Affiliate of the Month. This campaign recognized the diverse organization working hard to keep Texas beautiful and gives each affiliate the opportunity to tell their story. Each affiliate of the month writes a blog post sharing stories of the organization.

Keep Texas Beautiful is a network of dedicated Texans working together to make our state the best place to live, work and play. We equip local partners and affiliates with the tools they need to build vibrant, engaged communities. Founded in 1967, Keep Texas Beautiful has more than 50 years of experience deploying resources for local clean-up, recycling, and youth engagement efforts. Everything we do is focused on mobilizing volunteers to take action across the state. As a 501 (c)3 non profit, we lead nearly 800 affiliates and reach 17 million Texans annually. Keep Texas Beautiful is based in Austin.

Levelland is an affiliate of the Keep Texas Beautiful program and the local mission is to improve the community’s appearance through partnerships, education and action. Keep Levelland Beautiful’s mission is to improve the community’s appearance through partnerships, education and action.

For more information on the program, click the link below:

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Department of State Health Services Notifies Hockley County of One Recovery from COVID-19

The Texas Department of State Health Services has notified Hockley County of a recovery from COVID-19.

Hockley County Judge Sharla Baldridge has announced that she was notified by the Department of State Health Services that one of the cases of COVID-19 in Hockley County has fully recovered.

The County Judge has requested an update on all of the Hockley County cases, however, the state agency has not released that information as of yet.

The county has 10 cases of COVID-19, one death and one recovery.

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Levelland Police Respond to Run-Away Report at Children’s Hope

Levelland Police responded to a report of three residents of Children’s Hope running away. The report came in Sunday night around 8:15 pm.

While officers were en-route to the facility, an officer spotted the three in the 200 block of West Highway 114. He stopped the three and got two of them into his patrol vehicle, the third one fled from the officer on foot. Another officer spotted the third one and stopped her and ordered her into his vehicle, however, she refused. The suspect started to walk away from the officer, he in turn got a hold of a back pack she was wearing, she then tried to take the back pack off so he restrained her by grabbing her arm. She continued to try and pull away from the officer and even pushed the officer and continued to resist arrest. Another officer arrived and ordered the suspect to place her hands behind her back, she was then handcuffed and arrested for evading arrest or detention.

She was then placed in the back of the officers vehicle, she still refused to give officers any information, other than to state she would not go back to Children’s Hope and threatened suicide. She told officers that she had been bitten by other residents at the facility and staff would not do anything about it. Officers contacted Childrens Hope and got her information, they then contacted Child Protective Services and made a report. they are currently initiating an investigation into the case.

The juvenile was processed on the charge of evading arrest or detention and then released to the Children’s Hope staff in accordance to instruction given to officers by the Hockley County Juvenile Probation Officer on duty.

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Levelland City Council Approves Updated Stay Home Order

The Levelland City Council held their regular meeting by tele-conference and video conference.

During the public comment section they heard from a citizen who is a registered nurse concerning the fact that various organizations are still gathering and ignoring the social distancing requirement and the fact that in some instances their are 20 or more people. She urges the council to crack down on this and absolutely not allow gathering and everyone follow the requirements of the Governor’s executive order.

The council then discussed the Stay Home order which they put in place last week. They clarified that an attorney general opinion has clarified that church services must be remote broadcast if possible, if not they can have live services, however they must follow the CDC guidelines. They also added an exception for car dealerships allowing online and phone sales, however, the showrooms must be closed It was noted that the service and parts sections of dealerships are considered essential and may remain open. The council also discussed the clause which had allowed for small non essential businesses to remain open, if they followed guidelines of no more than 10 people in the business at one time including staff and followed extra sanitation measures, however they removed that clause tonight saying, the situation has gotten dramatically worse since a week ago and we must take this action. That sentiment was echoed by all council members. It was noted that people are still gathering in large numbers around homes for parties which is strictly prohibited. You are asked to contact the police department if you see a large gathering. The Police Department said that their has not been a major issue that people are dispersing when asked. Councilwoman Breann Buxkemper said “the situation has gotten worse and we have to make this change.” The change was approved on a unanimous vote. The Mayor will review the current order next week and can make changes without council approval. The order remains in effect until 11:59 pm on April 30th unless extended, rescinded or canceled by action of the Mayor or City Council. The new order takes effect at 11:59 pm on Monday, April 6th. This change will bring the order in agreement with the Governor’s Executive Order.

Click here to read the new Stay Home Order:

The council took action to cancel the May 2 election and move it to November 3rd as their is not a safe way to have the election at this time as early voting would be starting in approximately two weeks. The Governor’s office is allowing city’s and schools to hold the election in November. South Plains College Regents election will also be held on November 3rd.

The council also took action to declare the only candidate running for District C Council, the incumbent Breann Buxkemper as elected and canceling the election for that seat.

The council also took action to change the bylaws for the Main Street Advisory Board to allow them to meet and not be subject to open meetings act. As an Advisory Board, they are not subject to the Open Meetings Act by State Law, however, the city council has in the past required them to be subject to the Open Meetings Act. This change will make it possible for board members to meet virtually to discuss some upcoming events and make decisions concerning those events.

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Obitaury: Michael Dominguez, 60 of Levelland

Memorial services will be held at a later date for Michael Dominguez, 60 of Levelland. He passed away on Wednesday, April 1st. Funeral Services are under the direction of Krestridge Funeral Home.

For more information:

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Obituary: Howell Foley, 67 of Levelland

Funeral Services are scheduled for Howell Foley, 67 of Levelland. A private graveside service will be held. He passed away on Thursday, April 2nd. Funeral services are under the direction of Krestridge Funeral Home.

For more information:

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One New Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in Hockley County

Hockley County Judge Sharla Baldridge has received confirmation of an additional case of COVID-19 in Hockley County by the Department of State Health Services.

According to information released by Judge Baldridge the new case is in a resident of Levelland between the age of 50-60. They are currently hospitalized and is possibly due to exposure to a known case.

Judge Baldridge reminds everyone to practice social distancing and ONLY go out for essentials or work if you have to.

This brings the total number of cases in Hockley County to 10 with one death.

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