Commissioner’s Court Clear New Subdivision, Discuss Controlled Burns

The Hockley County Commissioner’s Court had a brief meeting this morning to go over a few items on their agenda. Most notably, the Hockley County Sheriff’s Office was present to accept the $6K donation that had been tabled at the last meeting. This was notable because we got a short list of supplies these funds would go towards. New lights for vehicles, LED lit vests for night time visibility, as well as devices known as “Guardian Angels”. These Guardian Angels are worn on the deputy’s vest and have infrared lights, allowing them to be seen from helicopters.

Also at this meeting the Commissioners went over the fire runs from the fire dept. of Levelland. Controlled burns continue to be an issue on these reports and the commissioners, as well as the Levelland Fire Dept. ask you to call ahead and alert your first responders that you will be performing a controlled burn, otherwise any and all reports that are made in reference to that fire are subject to a fire dept. response, which potentially could be wasting resources and time better spent on real emergencies.

Finally another addition to the County was brought before the court. This addition, named the Falls at Wilson Creek, holds 7 lots in Precinct 1 on the East Side of Quail Road. Despite questions of how so many sub divisions have been brought before them lately, and questions on the availability of water and other resources, the Commissioner’s did pass this addition.

That concluded business for the Hockley County Commissioner’s Court for this meeting. The Commissioner’s meet Mondays at 9am in the Courthouse weekly, and these meetings are open to the public.

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Levelland FFA Meat Judging Team Brings Home Reserve Championship

The Levelland FFA Chapter competed at Fort Collins in the Western National Roundup, bringing home multiple awards. Overall the team receive Reserve Overall Champion. The individual results are as follows:

Places as a team:

1st Place – Retail ID

1st Place – Placing

4th Place – Beef Grading

Alyssa Loafman: Third High Individual

1st Place – Retail ID

5th Place – Placings

Ryan Pyeatt:Second High Individual

2nd Place – Retail ID

2nd Place – Beef Grading

Raul Flores:

3rd Place – Placings

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Vehicle Accident in Lea County Leaves 1 Levelland Native Dead

LEA COUNTY, N.M. (PRESS RELEASE) — The following is a press release from the New Mexico State Police:

On January 6, 2022, at around 11:43 p.m., the New Mexico State Police investigated a crash on Lea County Road 1 (Orla Road) involving a pedestrian being struck by a pickup truck.

The initial investigation indicated that an International tractor-trailer was stuck in the dirt on Orla Road south of Royce Lane.  The tractor-trailer was blocking both north and southbound lanes of Orla Road.  Cesar Gutierrez Dominguez, 37, of Levelland, TX along with several other motorists had stopped to help the stuck tractor-trailer.   A 2019 Chevy Silverado driven by a 32-year-old man was traveling south on Orla Road approaching the scene.  The driver of the Silverado, who did not immediately see the stuck tractor-trailer, swerved off the road to avoid hitting the tractor-trailer.  The Silverado struck and injured Dominguez who was standing behind the tractor-trailer.  Dominguez was transported to a hospital in Kermit, TX where he was pronounced deceased. 

Alcohol does not appear to have been a factor in this crash which is under investigation by the New Mexico State Police.

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Cochran County Stock Show Results: Goat & Lamb Shows

Cochran county has started off the busy stock show season, and released the results from day 1 of competitions today We have results from Class 1 Southdown, Class 1 Light Weight Medium Wool as well as Class 2 Heavy Weight Medium Wool, Breed Champions, Grand Champion Lambs and more. These results are brought to you by Ag Products at 1001 1st street in Levelland. Ag Products has been supplying chemical, fertilizer, seed and feed to the Hockley County and surrounding areas for decades. If you need supplies for your lawn, small acreage or even a large scale farm, they’re the folks to call. you can find them online at or by calling 806-894-6665.

Lamb Show

Class 1: Southdown

1st & 2nd Place: Briley Siemens, Whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Karime Munoz, Morton FFA

Breed Champion: Briley Siemens, Whiteface FFA

Reserve Breed Champion: Briley Siemens, Whiteface FFA

Class 1: Light Weight Medium Wool

1st Place: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

2nd Place: Briley Siemens, Whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Hadlie Jennings, Whiteface FFA

Class 2: Heavy Weight Medium Wool

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

4th Place: Karime Munoz

Breed Champion: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Reserve Breed champion: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Grand Champion Lamb: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Reserve Grand Champion Lamb: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

sr. Grand Showmanship: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

sr. Reserve Grand Showmanship: Briley Siemens, Whiteface FFA

Jr. Grand Showmanship: Hadlie Jennings, Whiteface FFA

Goat Show

Division 1: Light

1st & 2nd Place: Tenley Kerby, whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Barron Ramsey, Morton FFA

Division 2: Heavy

1st & 3rd Place: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

2nd Place: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 1 Champion Goat: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 1 reserve Champion Goat: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 2: Light

1st Place: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

2nd Place: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Tenley Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 2: Heavy

1st Place: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

2nd Place: Tenley Kerby, Whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Barron Ramsey, Morton FFA

Division 2 Champion Goat: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 2 Reserve Champion Goat: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 3: Light

1st Place: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

2nd Place: Alexander Harlow, Whiteface FFA

3rd Place: Bella Nutt, Whiteface FFA

Division 3: Heavy

1st, 2nd & 4th Place: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

3rd Place: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Division 3 Champion Goat: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Division 3 Reserve champion Goat: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Grand Champion Goat: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Reserve Grand Champion Goat: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Sr. Grand Showmanship: Madison Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Reserve Grand Showmanship: Kaden Dobson, Cochran Co. 4H

Jr. Grand Showmanship: Emma Kerby, Whiteface FFA

Reserve Jr. Showmanship: Tenley Kerby, Whiteface FFA

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Downtown Levelland Setting Sites on Growth In 2022

The Levelland Mainstreet program is planning big things for 2022. With their calendar containing their major events already circulating, they’ve now set their sites on public input regarding the downtown area. Using a survey, they seek input from the citizens of Levelland to see what exactly they want to see in their downtown area. They ask you to rank what types of venues you’d like to see downtown such as wineries, specialty restaurants, children’s stores, and more. There are also several portions where you can input your own ideas for downtown as well. A new year brings new possibilities, so take a moment to help your city develop as you’d like it to. The survey can be found here:

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Covenant Health Chief Nursing Executive Announces Retirement

LUBBOCK, TX- After more than 40 years with the Covenant Health system, Regional Chief
Nursing Executive Karen Baggerly will retire on January 8, 2022.
Baggerly started her career with Covenant Health in 1976 at Methodist Hospital as an
overnight SICU RN.
“I learned quickly how to care for trauma, neurosurgical, and cardiac surgery patients since
Methodist was the community’s primary center at that time,” Baggerly recalls. “We worked
standard eight-hour schedules with one weekend off a month, so I also learned early that my
co-workers were my family.  Three years later I transferred to the day shift, eventually
assuming the Charge Nurse role.”
Eventually, Baggerly’s hard work helped her earn the title of Nurse Manager- a position she
called her favorite role.
“My career aspirations were never aimed toward administration,” Baggerly said. “I planned to
become a CRNA eventually but fell in love with intensive care and its challenges.  I also
realized the importance of patient and family interactions in nursing, and I needed that.  I
became a Nurse Manager because I wanted to make a difference for those I worked with on
the unit.  I vowed never to forget the value of the direct caregiver in making decisions as a
leader.  Nor did I have aspirations to advance to Nursing Director or CNO until the
opportunities presented themselves.  Once again, I just hoped I could make a difference for my
nursing colleagues and our practice at the bedside.”
Some advice Baggerly would give to her younger self is to “look at the ‘big picture’ of health
care earlier in my career.” It was that ‘big picture’ outlook that eventually helped her seek
Magnet designation for Covenant Medical Center. A goal she achieved in August 2020.

A Magnet designated hospital is a reflection of its nursing professionalism, teamwork, and
superiority in patient care. The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition
Program® distinguishes organizations that meet rigorous standards for nursing excellence. 
The honor would come in the midst of one of the greatest health care challenges in a century.
“A lot of joy and sadness these last two years for sure,” Baggerly shared. “Reflecting on the
impact of HIV/AIDS, it took several years for health care to recover and discover a new normal
for care delivery.  Fortunately, we rebounded quicker after H1N1 and Ebola, but it still took
time. I’m sure the healing process post-pandemic will last several years.   My greatest sorrow
with the COVID pandemic is the detrimental impact it’s had on our caregivers and the
downstream effect on staffing.  I do sometimes feel a little guilty about retiring now when we
have substantial challenges ahead, but I am confident that my successors will handle them
with wisdom and courage.”
Baggerly said family obligations are a large part of why she chose now to retire. She also
wishes to eventually travel once COVID subsides but names her work family as one of the
reasons why she stayed with the organization for as long as she has.
“I genuinely consider my colleagues my family and it has been that way for 45 years,” Baggerly
said. “I always had hope, even during the merger and subsequent mishaps, that nursing would
continue to do the “right thing” for the patient.  The mission and values of this organization are
embedded in me, and I was proud that we cared for those patients’ others would not.”
When it comes to her fellow caregivers, Baggerly has nothing but admiration for them all.
“Thanks for a great ride!” Baggerly exclaimed. “I have learned so much about life, faith, and
compassion from all of you.  To my supervisors, I know I wasn’t a model employee, but you
gave me grace and encouragement.  To my immediate team, you blessed me with amazing
support, understanding, and “one more round” year after year.  To my nursing colleagues, your
dedication to quality and compassionate patient care made my job easy, thank you.  I consider
myself the luckiest person in the world for having had the opportunity to serve at Covenant for
45 years. Be kind to one another and smile, and most importantly, keep the faith.”
Covenant Health will announce its new Regional Chief Nursing Executive in the upcoming

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H-E-B Provides Scholarships For LHS

LHS has announced that H-E-B will be sponsoring a $2,000 scholarship for community service excellence. Interested students must have the following submitted to by Janaury 28th:

  • 3.3 GPA Minimum, A number of community service hours in the last 12 months and verification letters for those hours served, a letter of recommendation, and a 500 word essay on the topic “what does community mean to you?”
  • There will be 15 recipients split evenly between athletics, academics and music to be announced in March.
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Levelland Chamber Of Commerce Discusses Community Updates

The Levelland Chamber of Commerce had their monthly meeting yesterday at the Levelland Country Club to set up their 2022 moving forward. First, the guests present were recognized and among them was Andy Kim, the Levelland Middle School Student of the month. Additionally Hockley county Sheriff Ray Scifres was recognized as the new County Representative to the Chamber.

The board recognized the resignation of John Roley from the board as he has sold his business to move to other ventures. They now are seeking a replacement for that spot. This spot will be filled by appointment, and the Chamber is taking nominations.

There was a discussion of the plan of work for the Chambers many projects moving forward, during which it was discussed that the chamber may raise its dues due to rising costs brought on by COVID. Mary Siders, Chamber President, said that the dues have remained static for the past several years, and perhaps it was time to elevate those in accordance with the economy. They did stress that they wish to keep current fundraising efforts such as their annual golf tournament and the Cotton & Crude Fest going strong, and that any change in the amount of dues would not replace these.

For community updates Dane Dewbre from South Plains College was present to give the brief update the college had. Offices are open on SPC campus, but classes do not return for another 2 weeks. Despite this, Dane stated that administratively they were further along at this point than they were last year, and that SPC was “Moving Forward.”

For the City of Levelland, Mayor Barbara Pinner was present with some interesting news in relation to the hunt for a new City Manager. The City council will be having a special meeting this Friday to go over a few final pieces before the process for searching to fill that position starts anew. Mayor Pinner stated that the recruitment brochure will be sent out again hopefully by the 14th, but that does place us 3 months or more from the hiring of a new city manager. She then praised Interim City Manager Joe Cavazos and city staff for all the hard work they’ve done under these unexpected circumstances.

As for the county, Sheriff Scifres gave a list of seats that are open for re-election in the upcoming general elections. Those are Justice of the Peace seat 5, Hockley county Commissioner’s Court District 4, as well as the Republican Party Chair. In addition, the county just swore in its new Treasurer Kelli Martin, after the departure of Denise Bohannon.

This concluded business for the Chamber at this meeting. The next meeting will be back on SPC campus on the 2nd of February.

Andy Kim, Levelland Middle School’s Student of the Month!
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Thunder On The Plains Donates Funds To Covenant Levelland

In a show of community partnership, the group behind Thunder on the Plains has donated $500 to Covenant Hospital Levelland for them to purchase more effective cleaning apparatus. In a Facebook post, Covenant states they will be purchasing an electrostatic sprayer, which will help their sanitation crews clean their facilities much more thoroughly and effectively, an asset during the COVID Pandemic.

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Levelland City Council Sets Up For Elections In May

Levelland City Council had their regular meeting last night in the R.O. Dennis Council Chambers to set up for the busy election cycle that is fast approaching. Resolution 2022-01, the first resolution of the year, was heard last night, which establishes the procedures for the upcoming May 7th General Election. The Council seats that are up for reelection are seats A&C, and applications for these seats can be accepted by the city starting on the 19th of this month. Packets explaining city charter, campaign funding, etc. can be found at the office of the City Secretary, those forms can also be located online at the Texas Secretary of State’s and the Texas Ethics Commission’s websites.

The COVID numbers for December were also heard in last nights meeting, presented by Hockley County Emergency Management leader Cole Kirkland. Cases are up to 122, a slight increase from the 72 we had at the beginning of December. There were 1135 total hospitalizations as of Dec. 30th. There have been 21,564 vaccines given and the population of the county that is totally vaccinated has risen to 50.21%, still trailing the States overall vaccinated population of 71.53%.

Bids for the public works department were reviewed last night, with only one local bidder, Smith Auto Family, going out for bid. For the shop department a bid for a 2022 F-250 to replace an older 2004 pickup was entered in the amount of $40,817.33 after trade-in value. And a bid for the sanitation department for a 2022 F-250 to replace a 2010 pickup was entered in the amount of $36,568.55. given as Smith Auto Family was the only bidder at this time, the city awarded both bids to them.

A final redistricting workshop was held by the city last night, as their timeline to meet for the upcoming elections was close approaching. Originally there were 3 plans presented to the council, but after deliberations over the last few weeks, that number was expanded to 5. Plan D was reluctantly chosen by the council in a 50/50 split. Council members Buxkemper and Stueart were in affirmation, with Council members Myatt and Engledow in opposition. This left Mayor Pinner to split the tie. This plan, chosen by council is only a recommendation to the citizens of Levelland. A public hearing will be held January 17th were citizens are invited for public comment.

The council finished the meeting by going into an extended executive session to cover a few items: a water contract, City Manager position, and to discuss an offer of financial or other incentive to a business prospect the city is attempting to attract. This concluded business for the council as of this meeting. Next up for the City of Levelland will be the public hearing on the redistricting plans on January 17th as they look forward to a new set of elections in May.

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