SPC Reviews Scholarship Gala

The SPC Board of Regents had their regular meeting in the noon hour on Thursday to Cover their regular agenda.

The SPC/Texas Tech Transfer summit is fast approaching for the second year, with staff from both organizations expected to meet. Started last year, the transfer summit’s purpose was to strengthen the connection between the two colleges, but also to get on the same page as far as curriculum goes. This meeting tackles the various classes that students need for various degrees, and ensures that the credits will be transferable and effective as students move from SPC to TTU via the “Texan to Red Raider” program. 100-150 attendees are expected to gather in the new Lubbock Downtown Center for SPC on March 31st for an event that hopes to create a communication line for benefit of students who transfer between universities. Other topics discussed will be housing and scholarships.

On the topic of scholarships, Samantha Goldie, Director of Development and Alumni Relations was present to give a recap on the 25th annual Scholarship Gala held earlier this year at the Mallet Event Center. In terms of fund raising, this year broke records. The previous record came in 2020, and was close to $297K, but this year’s Gala raised closer to $309K. Participants had a variety of various activities to participate in, live and silent auctions, raffles, as well as live entertainment. SPC Alum Heath Wright and Ricochet played to the crowd, but also raised money for a special “What You Leave Behind” endowment on Heath Wright’s behalf, raising $22K as well. That endowment will provide scholarship every year moving forward. 53 students and 30 community volunteers made the event possible, and staff already have their eyes set on next years festivities.

As SPC is a large organization, there is almost always construction or renovations occurring somewhere within the system. President Robin Satterwhite gave his construction update for the board and brought some new things to the table for their consideration. In the Lubbock Downtown Center, permanent signage is still being delivered. The outlying building on that campus is growing nearer to its demolition date after all the proper permits have been obtained. They hope to have that finished in June. As for the Welding expansion on Levelland Campus, all is coming along well with the exception of a few vent hoods that were not installed to Admin’s liking and needed repairs. Lead abatement in the shooting range is set to occur some time this month with a completion in June to be expected. The largest piece of construction was for a new project President Satterwhite brought before the board. Recently in talks with insurance agencies for the college, it was brought up that the pit in the SPC Theater was not covered, and posed a safety concern. After going out for quotes, on company, Wenger Corp. out of Minnesota quoted the project at around $92K. Admin encouraged the project, as it could lead to some further renovations for the theater on campus, and felt confident in operational leeway in the contingency fund for this project.

This ended business to come before the board as of this meeting.

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