City Of Levelland Handles District Changes, Land Sale

Levelland City Council had their regular meeting Monday night in City Hall to cover a short agenda of mostly formality items. All members were present for this, the second meeting of the new year.

Long plaguing the Planning and Zoning Commission has been the issue of a carport ordinance. Originally striking up the issue when they began their comprehensive zoning review last year to modernize the City’s zoning codes, the issue of carports struck a nerve of several in the community who made their voices heard in various public forums for months after. This led to the development of a new set of designations for structures throughout the city dubbed SF-1(CA) or Single Family 1 Carport Allowed districts. This new designation would be extended to areas in town where carports are already prevalent and would include Crestview, Capitol Terrace, Kauffman, Lea & Brown, Breshears, College Heights, Colonial Heights, Wills, Western Meadows, and Cherry Additions. In these locations a variance would no longer need to be granted by the Building Inspector, but plans for any carport additions must still be brought to the Code Enforcement Department. Another issue brought to the P&Z Commission’s attention is the property at 211 Clubview Drive. Occupied by various businesses throughout the past several years, according to City records the plot has been operated as a commercial business plot since 1995. Despite this, it is technically still zoned as SF-2, a residential code. After an analysis of the property, staff discovered that the plot is of an odd shape, and too small to fit a residence on while still being within code. Council took this chance to change the designation to B-2, a business designation, to continue to allow commercial businesses on the lot.

Recently the City was approached by the company Renegade, which has been leasing land from them next to the Oxy Sports Complex, and was inquiring whether or not the City might be inclined to sell that land. After taking a look at the future plans for the Oxy and seeing no need for that particular tract of land for any further expansions, the City agreed, going out for Public Bid back in December. Only 1 bid was entered, that being by Renegade for approx. $20K. In their bid proposal, submitted to the council, they state “We employ over 400 employees in 6 states across the country, including 76 employees at our Levelland location. Our company has been in Levelland for 12 years. We believe this purchase will allow us to continue to grow and give back even more to this community.” It was previously stated that this land purchase would allow Renegade to build more permanent structures on the land (something that is forbidden in the current lease agreement), and expand their operations. The Council happily obliged by accepting the bid for purchase.

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