City Council Weigh Options On Waste Water Treatment Plant

Levelland City Council saw the end of an arduous saga related to the City’s waster water treatment plant Monday night in their regular meeting, allowing work to begin on improvements to the facility. Originally brought to the Council at staff’s behest, Parkhill Engineer Daniel Albus was present once again at this meeting to answer any questions that may have been lingering with the council. As it was a large financial decision, questions still abound about scope of work, repairs and spare parts, land usage, etc. Council held a special session with Albus just last week for this very purpose, in which the many plans and options for how to proceed with the plant were presented. Ultimately Council unanimously agreed upon the construction and addition of a mechanical plant to the current facility, which will allow a greater efficiency throughout the facility. In previous meetings Albus stated that construction could take as much as two years to complete, but assured council that he would be overseeing the process. Also pertaining to the wastewater plant, the farm lease for surrounding land had expired by this meeting, and bids were heard and deliberated upon by the council. After a brief executive session, it was decided that J&B Cattle Company would be awarded the bid.

Two proposals were brought before Council to help diversify and maximize the return on any invested funds moving forward as local banks continue to feel the sting of current economic turmoil. The Local Government Investment Cooperative (LOGIC) and the Texas Short Term Asset Reserve (TxSTAR) Program are two ways for the city to invest funds in things such as CD’s for rates higher than what is currently offered locally. These proposals would allow the City to utilize both these programs to bolster their funds until Return On Investment reaches more palatable levels once again.

Finally the City Staff Holiday Calendar was deliberated upon. Councilwoman Buxkemper took particular interest in this item, relaying how passionate she was about getting more off time for staff members. “this is a great chance to gain some ground with our staff, and help bolster some morale,” she said. Buxkemper also noted that due to the lack of Cost Of Living Adjustment raises this year, it was important to show staffers the Council was adamant about assisting them. After some discussion, it was eventually decided that a schedule of 12 total holidays, with two floating as the employee sees fit, would be a happy compromise getting City Employees more time away from the office.

This ended business for the Council at the time of this meeting; They will gather once again on Dec. 5th.

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