Keep Levelland Beautiful Reviews Recent Windshield Tour

Keep Levelland Beautiful had their regular meeting yesterday to go over the results from their annual windshield tour, as well as get an update from the city. From the code enforcement side of things, 2 substandard structures were demolished this week, making way for new developments, and a chance to return property to the tax role. This has been a large focus for Code Enforcement Officer Eli Collunga and Building Inspector Joe Shedd for quite a while, and more structures are set to have public hearings before city committees to continue their work of keeping Levelland looking clean, and reducing crime. Code enforcement has only had 53 code infringements reported in the last week as opposed to 90 this time last year.

KLB has many other avenues of cleaning up Levelland in the works as well, one of which is the reusable bag campaign they are working on in conjunction with United Supermarkets. The idea behind this campaign is that students from around the area submitted artwork, which was then voted upon to be printed on reusable bags to be sold to the community. This will reduce the amount of plastic bags being used, and thus reduce solid waste in the community. The artwork has already been chosen, and the plan is to roll out the program in September. United has also generously chosen to cover the first year of bags being produced, with any profit being made being transferred to a fund to pay for the program next year.

Not long ago KLB also had their annual “windshield Tour” of the community, which was a chance for local leaders and volunteers to drive around Levelland and highlight the areas of their community that they are proud of, and identify what areas needed work to improve. The consensus seemed to be that our green spaces were very well kept and looked nice, as did our cemeteries and the Oxy Sports Complex, But that a little more greenery in the form of more grass coverage and trees could be added. Additionally the alley ways on College Ave. were identified as an area in need of assistance, and to that end it was decided that more community clean-ups and Adopt-A-Spot locations were needed.

Finally it was revealed that the monument for winning the Governor’s Community Achievement Award (GCAA) was beginning to move, albeit slowly, through TxDOT. An extended timeline was to be expected as it may be quite a while before Levelland reaps the rewards of its winning of the award back in 2020. This ended business for Keep Levelland Beautiful as of this meeting.

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