SPC Regents Prepare For A New Semester With COVID Regulations, Quarterly Reports

The SPC Board of Regents had a meeting yesterday to bring everyone up to speed for the new year with several updates from different departments. In the ways of enrollment, workforce development has seen some improvement. The truck driving classes, specifically have seen a significant increase in enrollment, and workforce development as a whole is up 12%. With several new courses on the way, the program is only expected to grow further. For higher education, enrollment seems to be mostly the same, despite COVID being in the mix. This is unusual, as other community colleges in the area have seen a drop in enrollment due to the pandemic. The Dorms are at 73% occupancy currently. As SPC shifted back to in-person classes rather than online courses, this had an influx of funds provided to the college as well.

In the month of December alone 2.3 Million dollars was donated to SPC via the community, with $500K being donated by an anonymous source. They plan to hold their annual Scholarship Gala event February 26th, and as it stands the plan is for it to be an in-person event. Contingencies have been put in place should anything change, and these include limiting guests and even live-streaming options.

The botany wing of the new science building is coming along nicely, as reported by Dr. Satterwhite. A ribbon cutting date has not been set as of yet. For the Lubbock Downtown Center, electrical and plumbing systems have been installed, with the rest starting to take shape. Builders approximate they are about 50% finished with the project, which is slated to be open for classes come July. The Tennis Court renovation in the Levelland Campus is completed. Though later down the line a full rebuild is unavoidable, this helped extend the life of those courts, as well as give that poriton of campus a face lift. The firing range has been abated, with all old and faulty equipment being removed. They expect a new installation on fresh equipment for that facility in March. Progress is also coming along well in the documentation for the new welding addition the college is planning. At this meeting Dr. Satterwhite requested that the Regents go out for Request For Proposal for Construction Manager-At-Risk to move the process along.

Finally, with COVID being on the rise, and schools in the state temporarily closing their doors for lack of students and staff, Dr. Satterwhite went over the colleges COVID restrictions and regulations. The college, as it stands is confident in starting off the semester in person. While multiple options are available for staff to move online when necessary, the college would like classes to continue as they did pre-pandemic as much as possible. Dr. Satterwhite stated “As long as society is operating normally, we should operate normally.” CDC guidelines are being followed meaning a 5 day quarantine for positive cases, followed by 5 more days recommended masking, though the college cannont mandate that a positive staff member wear a mask once they return.

This ended business for the first SPC Board of Regents meeting of the year, and as it stands, SPC seems to have high hopes for their campuses in 2022.

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News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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