LISD Board Regular Meeting Thanks Kelly Baggett For District Service

The LISD School Board had their regular meeting last night to go over quarterly reports, COVID guidelines, as well as say goodbye to Interim Superintendent Kelly Bagget as he ends his tenure with the district. Rebecca McCutchen, The school boards newly hired Superintendent was in attendance last night to observe the meeting and prepare herself for being in Mr. Baggett’s chair when she starts with the district on Monday.

An informational Addendum was handed out, detailing a few changes the district would be implementing in the 2021-2022 school year. These mostly revolved around the handling of COVID cases, as cases throughout the state have caused the temporary closing of several school districts. Notably, for this school year, the district will be moving from 6 weeks grading periods to 9 week grading periods, with schedules for release to be slightly different as well. All campuses will start at 8am, but the High School and Middle school will end at 4pm, Intermediate, Capitol and south will end at 3:45pm, and ABC will end at 3:30 pm. For COVID cases, should a student become COVID positive, they must stay off their campus for 10 days minimum, and may return afterwards if they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever suppressants. If they do not show symptoms, but still test positive, the student must still observe the 10 quarantine period. For staff, its much the same, but the quarantine period is reduced to 5 days, in line with the CDC guidelines. Much like SPC, the staff are encouraged to wear a mask once they return, but cannot be required or mandated to do so. For close contact exposure schools are no linger required to do contact tracing, however they will notify the parents if a positive case has occurred on their respective campus. Parents who have a student that has been in close contact with COVID-19 can then choose a course of action. Individuals who meet the CDC’s vaccination guidelines, or who have had COVID in the last 3 months are not considered close contact. At this time the district is only rapid testing on staff who have been in close contact with a postive case and wish to remain at work. Tests will be conducted periodically over a 5 day period, and as long as the tests are negative the staff member being tested can stay at work. The district will not be providing remote or virtual learning, and students who miss school due to COVID 19 will be marked absent, though this can be excused with a doctors note. School work for the period of their absence can be requested by the student or their parent. 10 COVID days have been provided to staff who are lab-confirmed positive or whose dependent is required to quarantine. Finally, a student diagnosed with COVID-19 must receive clearance from a physician prior to returning to any UIL participation, and there is no restriction to seating capacity in stadiums or gyms at this time.

In the realm of campus improvement, the board went over the Lobo P.R.I.D.E. Accronym once again,a s some new board members might need to be brought up to speed. The accronym stands for

  • Preperation for college, career readiness and being Productive citizens
  • Respect for the educational process, teachers and discipline
  • Integrity of LISD shown through consistent actions
  • Dependability of the educational process at LISD
  • Effort to establish and promote district pride

In the criminal incidents report, however we see that LISD had its highest number of reported issues in the past 5 years. Assistant Superintendent Rodney Cadell hypothesizes that this may be due to kids returning from a year of COVID with some bad habits, as marijuana use and possession was higher than usual.

The 4H organization submitted a request to the board to be sanctioned as an extracurricular activity by the district. This would place 4H under title 19, just like UIL and other extracurricular activities. This request comes less than a week before the start of the stock shows going on in town starting on Tuesday. This request was easily passed by the board.

During the height of COVID when the district had a great number of positions to fill, a temporary change to policy was made to allow the superintendent to hire staff members at their discretion, as to avoid having to wait until the next board meeting for approval. Now the request was made to have this be a more permanent change. Though Levelland did not see teacher turnover as brutally as some districts did, they were not immune to the wave of teachers and other staff throughout the state retiring or changing professions. This change allows the hiring process to be expedited and would allow the superintendent hiring power for any position below administrative positions. This is not unique to LISD, as several other districts in our area, and 40% of districts in Texas have a provision similar to this one in place.

Finally redistricting and election orders dominated the last portion of the meeting. In the general election coming up District 3 and District 1 are up for election for a term of 3 years to end May of 2025. Special elections are also in order for District 2 and District 5 as both those seats have appointed board members. The district is in the midst of redistricting, as are other institutions such as the Coutny or the City. According to to the redistricting committee that was established by the board some omths ago, District plan C has been recommended for adoption by the board as it best achieves the districts goals and state requirements.

Finally the board publicly thanked Kelly Baggett for all that he’s done for the district during the superintendent search period. On Monday Rebecca McCutchen will be taking the Superintendent spot for the district. Kelly expressed that he was pleased with the districts progress and direction, and that he was proud to serve in this capacity.

This concluded the boards meeting for the month. With a new superintendent on her way in, LISD is looking forward to a hopefully bright future in 2022.

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