High Plains Water District Reminder: State Well Reports Due 60 Days After Drilling

LUBBOCK TX (October 22, 2021) —  Water well permit applicants are reminded that they must provide a completed State of Texas Well Report to High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) no later than 60 days after a water well is drilled. This is in accordance with Texas State law.

“When submitting a water well permit application, the applicant agrees to submit a State Well Report to the District after the well is drilled. Unfortunately, we have a few persons who have not done this yet,” said HPWD General Manager Jason Coleman.

Coleman said failure to provide the documentation has specific consequences.

When signing the permit application, the applicant agrees to comply with the Water District’s rules. Coleman said failure to provide this paperwork violates the rules. The applicant is then subject to action by the HPWD Board of Directors.

“As an example, the Board may order that the water well can no longer be used until the issue is permanently resolved to their satisfaction,” Coleman said. He added that individuals that have not submitted State Well Reports may not be able to get future water well permits until the matter is corrected.

“The HPWD Board and Staff do not prefer taking these actions. However, it is important for landowners and operators to realize that they must honor their agreement with the District when obtaining a water well permit. With their cooperation, this matter can be resolved without further action,” he said.

Questions about the HPWD water well permit process can be directed to Supervisor Juan Peña at (806) 762-0181 or permit@hpwd.org

Created in September 1951 by local residents and the Texas Legislature, the High Plains Water District works to conserve, preserve, protect, and prevent waste of underground water in aquifers within its 16-county service area. HPWD is the first groundwater conservation district created in Texas.

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