How Does Gun Reform Play on the South Plains?

President Biden, feeling the heat from some groups in the U.S. to come up with solutions to the problem of mass shootings around the country, has been using executive orders to deal with it.

Certainly most agree that something needs to be done, but the 2nd Amendment? Many say leave it alone, there are other measures much more effective.

“First off, what he’s trying to pass, won’t have any bearing on safety at all,” said west Texas gun owner Jim Baxa. “And second off, they’re completely unconstitutional.”

Some of Biden’s actions include creating tighter regulations around ‘ghost guns’ — which are guns assembled from kits that don’t have serial numbers and can’t be tracked. 

“Ghost guns haven’t been used in a massive amount of crimes,” said Lonestar Shooting Sports owner Thomas Larson. “Honest people are going to do things, honestly anyway. People that want to circumvent the law, are always going to find ways to circumvent the law.”

“I don’t know that there’s anything we can do to prevent mass shootings,” said Larson.  “Unfortunately, if you take away guns, they’re gonna find something else to use. ”Sentiments expressed by these west Texans seem to be the prevalent viewpoint on the South Plains. What’s plays well in New York City does not necessarily play well out here.

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