Levelland Mayor and City of Levelland Issues Statement

Levelland Mayor Barbra Pinner issued a statement Monday afternoon following the sharing of a Facebook Post on her private Facebook page over the weekend. The statement is below:

For the past five years, I have had the privilege of being the Mayor of the City of Levelland, a city that I truly love and cherish. While I love and cherish many things about our community, the most important of all are the people. For this very reason, my heart aches as I have hurt many members of my own community by sharing a post from another individual on my personal Facebook page. It was never my intention to minimize the pain and suffering that African Americans have endured throughout history and are currently enduring. I love all people regardless of race or color. Please know I am truly sorry for the pain that I have caused many of you. The harsh words in that post did not come from my mouth or my heart, and it was my mistake to share them. Because I am a Christian woman, I stand before this community and ask
for forgiveness. In my role as Mayor, I am held to the highest standard and there is no excuse for sharing the post that hurt so many of you. While I cannot change the past, I can impact change in the future. Moving forward, I vow to take extra time to think of all of the people that I have been elected to represent. I will consider the tone, language and validity of the information that I post or share on social media. I commit to being a positive part of the important changes we need in not only our community, but our nation. By coming together now and uniting as one, we can better our community and society for generations to come.

Following this statement being issued by the Mayor, Levelland City Manager Erik Rejino issued a statement on behalf of the City of Levelland.

The City of Levelland’s most valuable asset is its tremendous workforce and the
community it serves. This community and organization is encompassed by men and
women who are committed to excellence in their daily lives. The City of Levelland
fosters a culture that embraces a diverse workforce, condemns discrimination in all its
forms and takes the lead in providing a safe workplace for all its employees.

The City of Levelland does not condone the offensive Facebook post shared by Mayor
Barbra Pinner on her personal Facebook page over the weekend. The post that was
shared used unacceptable language and was hurtful to many citizens in our community
and employees in our organization.

That post is in no way a reflection of the attitudes or beliefs of the City of Levelland’s leadership or staff. The City of Levelland will continue to encourage and facilitate unity in our community to provide a better way of life for future generations.

About Drew Dunn

News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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1 Response to Levelland Mayor and City of Levelland Issues Statement

  1. Sherry Mulkey says:

    Everyone makes mistakes…. forgiveness is very important at this point….Barbara has been an awesome leader… Forward March… let’s keep making Levelland great because of how we love one another….💖🌸


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