Suspect Arrested After Standoff in Cochran County

A suspect was arrested in Cochran County Wednesday night following a stand off with police.

According to reports from the Cochran County Sheriff’s office, a deputy was on routine patrol and spotted a vehicle off to the side of the road. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed their was a male subject inside. The deputy obtained the drivers license from the subject and ran the information for warrants. It was confirmed the suspect had warrants out of Lubbock County. The deputy attempted to remove the subject from the vehicle, after a struggle the subject got back in the van and put a gun to his head. The deputy then called for back-up, Cochran County Sheriff Jorge DeLaCruz arrived along with other deputies to assist. The sheriff attempted to negotiate with the subject for over 30 minutes. The sheriff was finally able to get inside the van and get the gun away from the subject.

Paul Fuentes, 26 was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon along with the outstanding warrants out of Lubbock County. He is being held in the Cochran County Jail.

Cochran County Sheriff’s office thanks Hockley County Sheriff Ray Scifres for sending deputies and Captain Derek Lawless to Cochran County to assist Wednesday night.

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