Lamb Show Results from Hockley County Junior Livestock Show

The Lamb Show was held Wednesday as part of the Hockley County Junior Livestock Show.

Lamb Show Results:


  1. Reese Bolen–Smyer FFA
  2. Bryar Sherrill–Hockley County 4-H
  3. Reese Bolen–Smyer FFA

Dorper Breed Champion: Reese Bolen, Smyer FFA

Dorper Reserve Breed Champion: Bryar Sherrill, Hockley County 4-H


  1. Kayden Gillit–Smyer FFA
  2. Hannah Wilde-Jones–Hockley County 4-H
  3. Kayden Gillit–Smyer FFA

Breed Champion: Kayden Gillit, Smyer FFA

Reserve Breed Champion: Hannah Wilde-Jones, Hockley County 4-H

Finewool Cross Light

  1. Bailey Turner–Ropes FFA
  2. Kambry Turner–Ropes FFA
  3. Bethany Morris–Levelland FFA

Finewool Cross Heavy

  1. Calleejo Burt–Smyer FFA
  2. Cooper Wallace–Levelland FFA
  3. Ryan Pyeatt–Levelland FFA

Breed Champion–Bailey Turner–Ropes FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Kambry Turner–Ropes FFA

Southdown Light

  1. Danni Brooks–Ropes FFA
  2. Danni Brooks–Ropes FFA
  3. Danni Brooks–Ropes FFA

Southdown Medium

  1. Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA
  2. Kamryn Gillit–Smyer FFA
  3. Trystan Steward–Ropes FFA

Southdown Heavy

  1. Bethany Morris–Levelland FFA
  2. Reese Bolen–Smyer FFA
  3. Kaidyn Lee–Ropes FFA

Breed Champion–Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Bethany Morris–Levelland FFA

Medium Wool Class 1

  1. Clara Cochran–Hockley County 4-H
  2. Elisa Zamora–Levelland FFA
  3. Clara Cochran–Hockley County 4-H

Medium Wool Class 2

  1. Bryar Sherrill–Hockley County 4-H
  2. Clara Cochran–Hockley County 4-H
  3. Calleejo Burt–Smyer FFA

Medium Wool Class 3

  1. Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA
  2. Teghan Brooks–Ropes FFA
  3. Bryar Sherrill–Hockley County 4-H

Medium Wool Class 4

  1. Bailey Turner–Ropes FFA
  2. Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA
  3. Bryar Sherrill–Levelland FFA

Medium Wool Class 5

  1. Teghan Brooks–Ropes FFA
  2. Bailey Turner–Ropes FFA
  3. Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA

Medium Wool Class 6

  1. Jace Richardson–Ropes FFA
  2. Jace Richardson–Ropes FFA
  3. Jace Richardson–Ropes FFA

Breed Champion–Teghan Brooks–Ropes FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA

Grand Champion Lamb–Teghan Brooks–Ropes FFA

Reserve Grand Champion–Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA

Senior Showmanship–Calvin Neal–Smyer FFA

Junior Showmanship–Bailey Turner–Ropes FFA

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