City to Begin Enforcement on Sign Ordinance

Mayor Barbra Pinner removes prohibited signs from utility pole.

The City of Levelland is preparing to start enforcement of the sign ordinance which was passed in October.

A portion of the ordinance governing temporary signs will be enforced beginning December 1st. Enforcement will include citizens receiving a citation and a fine up to $500.

According to Ordinance 1043 a temporary sign is defined as “any sign intended to be displayed for a limited time and not permanently affixed to the ground or a structure.” This portion of the ordinance will be enforced starting with December 1st. The city has been asking for voluntary compliance, however, beginning December 1st the city Code Enforcement office will start issuing citations. It will be a Class C Misdemeanor and will carry a fine of up to $500 at the discretion of the City Judge.

According to the ordinance, prohibited signs will include any and all signs that are attached to a utility pole and any temporary sign placed in the right of way. The exact wording for the prohibition in the ordinance is as follows.

Levelland Mayor Barbra Pinner said “any sign that you would affix to a utility pole is prohibited under the new ordinance and as of December 1st this will be enforced”, it also includes any sign that is placed in a public right of way including signs promoting events. Mayor Pinner said “the purpose is to clean up our city.”

The ordinance also governs all signs and any dilapidated signs or signs in bad repair will be cited through the city code enforcement office and all signs considered a safety hazard must be removed and if necessary the city will remove the sign and place a lien on the property.

If you would like to read the ordinance, you may click this link for a copy.

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