City of Levelland Receives Grant to Make Improvements at Lobo Lake Park

The City of Levelland announced on Thursday the receipt of a grant for improvements and renovations of the walking trails at Lobo Lake.

Assistant City Manager, Joe Cavazos, announced, the city received $61,200 with a local match of $15,300. “That gives us $76,500 to concrete and expand the walking trails to just under half a mile.” Improvements will also include benches and trash receptacles.

“Lobo Lake is one of the most popular recreation destinations in our community. Improving and expanding the walking trails by Lobo Lake will bring a lot of enjoyment to our residents and visitors,” said Barbra Pinner, Mayor of Levelland.

It could be 12 months or more before the grant funds are available according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, which will delay the start of renovations.

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6 Responses to City of Levelland Receives Grant to Make Improvements at Lobo Lake Park

  1. Johnny Castillo says:

    What about the “city park”? So much could be done for our park.


    • KLVT News says:

      It was announced last week that the City has applied for a grant for phase 1 improvements at City Park and the Community Development Corporation Board has approved $500,000 for renovations. There is a possibility of $1 million improvements to City Park depending on if the grant is approved.


    • KLVT News says:

      There are some renovations and improvements to City Park that will be coming in the next year.


  2. Gloria Mendez says:

    City Park needs fixing up. That used to be the it place. Now it’s so sad and embarrassing when out of towners come and say
    WHAT HAPPENED ??? 😞😞😞


  3. Serena Dominguez says:

    Restrooms would be nice!!


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