Levelland Housing Authority Holds Regular Meeting

Lets Talk TwitterThe Levelland Housing Authority Board of Commissioners met Wednesday night in a regular monthly meeting.

They reviewed the monthly transaction report. It was noted that the accounting firm for the Housing Authority will be in the office next week. Their is a discrepancy on tax payments to the county. The accountant is showing $22,000 owed, however, according to Olga Gonzales the Executive Director for the Housing Authority said that they have been paid. Gonzales also noted that the accounting firm has not filed the income tax return for 2017 and the IRS has sent a written notice.

Just over $12,000 has been received in rent in August and everyone is current. There are nine vacant units.

During the operations report, the board reviewed water bills that the housing authority pays each month for residents. It was noted that housing authorities can now charge residents for water according to state law. It was noted that residents currently are not reporting water leaks. Gonzales made a recommendation that a charge for water be instituted. It was also noted that regular lights will be installed in lieu of fluorescent lights which are in apartments. It was also noted that residents must report issues immediately not ignore the problem. Residents must start taking care of their apartments and everyone is subject to a thorough inspection each quarter according to HUD. The director is currently working on a five year plan. Their are currently nine vacant units, five of them are three bedroom units. The director reports that a part time maintenance person has been found and is currently working. The director is recommending purchasing a new weed eater, new push mower and a new riding mower, she is currently getting prices. A new policy is being put in place concerning after hour calls for emergencies. Emergencies are defined as a something that will threaten your life.

The board also received word that HUD will have representatives coming out to do on site inspections in the near future. Property maintenance is currently being done, and residents are being notified that inspections will be coming and everyone is being asked to make sure their apartments are clean and organized.

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