Levelland Housing Authority Community Building Rules and Fees Changing

letstalkThe Levelland Housing Authority Board of Commissioners met recently and discussed the community building at 1310 Avenue J.  The building has been closed down since June for what was reported to be maintenance issues and air conditioning repairs.

Most of the maintenance issues and air conditioning have been repaired, however, Olga Gonzalez, director of the Housing Authority reports that they are doing a deep cleaning on the building and will re-open by the first of September with new rules and new fees being put in place by the Board of Directors.

During the meeting the Board of Directors heard from a number of citizens who addressed the board during the Public Forum portion of the meeting.  They discussed concern about a group that had held weekly pot luck style meals at the center to feed Levelland residents.  The meal is prepared in a private home and then taken to the center.  This has been allowed by previous administration and boards for the housing authority however, the current director was told that it is illegal and violates state and federal laws.  The only way it would be allowed is to prepare the food in the kitchen at the center, if that kitchen is a licensed food service facility.  The kitchen at the Community Building is not a licensed food service facility and the board of directors have said that likely that is not an option.  The group told the board of directors, the Housing Authority is “shutting them down.”  The Housing Authority will meet with the city’s contracted Health Inspector to look at options.

Following a brief discussion, the board of commissioners announced new rates will be put in place for anyone who wants to use the facility.  Their will be a fee of $150 to use the facility along with a $100 deposit.  The deposit will be returned if the building is clean at the completion of the event.  It was noted that the building was built with federal dollars several years ago and the new rules which will be put in place following the next meeting of the board of commissioners.

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