Hockley County Endowment Awards Match Funds

Historical CommissionThe Hockley County Endowment awarded $5,000 in funds to the Hockley County Historical Commission.  The Historical Commission raised the most money during the First Annual Soil and Oil Soiree hosted by the Hockley County Endowment in late April.

In 2004, Jim Hogue, a true man of vision, had a deep desire for Hockley County to have a museum.  He knew that it would be a huge undertaking and that he would need a great deal of support, both physically and financially.

At that time, he endeavored to re-establish the Hockley County Historical Commission, which he knew would be the basis for the physical support needed.  It wasn’t long before the Levelland Area Endowment (now known as the Hockley County Endowment), came into being.  Jim Hogue was also very instrumental in its development.

The Hockley County Historical commission set up an account under the umbrella of the Levelland Area Endowment, specifically for the purpose of building a fund for a future museum.  That fund has continued to grow through donations and honorariums and the $5,000 award funds from the endowment.

Although Hogue has passed on, it is still the commission’s dream to have a Hockley County Museum.  Anyone interested in making a donation may contact John Hope or Joey Pierce.  All donations are tax deductible.

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