Hockley County Commissioners Approve Proposed Tax Rate

Hockley County Commissioners have approved a proposed tax rate of 53.9 cents per $100 property value.  That rate is just over three cents lower than last years rate of 56.4 cents per $100 property value.

It was noted that the rate is one cent over the effective rate, which would generate the same amount of revenue as last year.  Part of that decision is attributed to a 3% tax increase for all county employees and elected county officials.  The county also has the added expense of an additional deputy for the Hockley County Sheriff’s Office.  Sheriff Ray Scifres had requested the deputy, in order to allow for 24 hour patrol coverage in the county.  He noted that without the additional deputy, their is five hours each day that a deputy is not on patrol duty.

The Hockley County Appraisal office said that taxable property values are up 9.45 percent.  A bulk of that increase can be attributed to mineral values which were up 30%, home values in the county were up 4%.

The county commissioners will host public hearings on August 14 for the budget and tax rate.  The budget hearing will be at 9:00am with the tax rate hearing to follow at 9:30am.  The second hearing for the tax rate will be held on August 21 at 9:00am.  Commissioners plan to adopt the budget and tax rate on August 28.

As required by law, as commissioners have proposed a three percent salary increase for elected officials as well as employees, we are publishing the new salaries, with the increase for elected officials in Hockley County.

Elected Official                                                               New Proposed Salary

District Judge Pat Phelan                                                $5,405 County Portion of Salary (State                                                                                                pays remainder of salary)

District Attorney Chris Dennis                                      $5,405 County Portion of Salary (State                                                                                                pays remainder of salary)

District Clerk Dennis Price                                             $55,813

County Clerk Irene Gumula                                           $55,813

Justice of Peace Pct. 5 Brenda Nock                              $51,864

Justice of Peace Pct. 1 Sue Coker                                   $13,372

Justice of Peace Pct. 2 Linda Cannon                           $13,372

Justice of Peace Pct. 4 Larry Wood                               $13,372

County Attorney Anna Hord                                         $55,813

County Tax Collector Debbie Bramlett                        $55,813

County Treasurer Denise Bohannon                           $55,813

County Sheriff Ray Scifres                                             $55,813

County Commissioners Pct 1-4                                     $53,689 each

Constable Pct 1 Kenny Greenlee                                    $6,515

Constable Pct 2 Robert Dalton                                      $12,360

Constable Pct 4 Jennifer Kinney                                     $8,478

Constable Pct 5 Lance Scott                                           $18,295




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