Town Hall Meeting Held in Morton on Pending Wind Energy Project

letstalkNextEra representatives were in Morton Tuesday night to discuss the Wildcat Ranch Wind Project to be constructed in Cochran County.

The project manager for NextEra told KLVT news the project will be constructed near the intersection of FM 1585 and Hwy 214.  The project is expected to create over $50 million in property taxes and over $28 million in landowner payments.

The project will be owned, constructed and operated by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.  The expected maximum capacity of 150 megawatts produced by approximately 67 wind turbines and will be capable of generating enough electricity to power 45,000 homes.

The target completion date is set for late 2018.  The company is expecting approximately 250 construction jobs and will generate 5-7 full time positions.

NextEra Energy Resources is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc., a leading renewable energy developer in North America..  They are the largest generator of wind energy in the world and currently operate more than 115 wind projects in 20 states and more than 13,000 megawatts of generation from more than 9,000 wind turbines.  They currently own and operate 20 wind and solar projects in Texas and New Mexico, a capitol investment of $8.4 billion.

Cochran County Commissioners will be meeting soon to take action on tax abatement guidelines.  NextEra Energy have requested an abatement.  The project manager for NextEra said this project is totally independent from the project which has been discussed in Hockley County and an abatement has been approved by Hockley County Commissioners.


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