Congressman Jodey Arrington Addresses Farm Bill in Ag Meeting in Levelland

20170419_08123219th Congressional District Representative Jodey Arrington was in Levelland on Wednesday.  He was the keynote speaker for the “Flapjacks for Farmers” event hosted by the Ag Committee of the Levelland Chamber of Commerce.

Arrington gave a brief update on the farm bill.  He currently serves on both the Agriculture and Budget committee in Congress.  He said “We must get cotton back in the farm bill or we are in real trouble in America.”  He continues to testify before Congress saying “We need to make investments in Rural America in order to keep America’s great image.”  He said he represents the people of the 19th congressional district.

West Texas is rural backbone of America, Arrington said.  He continues to remind the ag committee “you have to help us, if we don’t get the farm bill fixed we will lose the ability to feed and clothe America.”

He was asked, if there was any chance of getting help for the cotton producers that had a rough 2016 crop, possibly some ginning assistance such as they offered on the 2015 crop?  Arrington said “we are working on it but legislatively it may not happen, may have to get the new Ag Commissioner to work it through his department.”

He summed up his presentation by noting the 4 main goals to be accomplished in this session:  regulatory reform, healthcare reform, tax reform and immigration reform.  He noted the welfare system has to be addressed but he does not see it getting overhauled in this session.

Arrington is a graduate of Plainview High School and Texas Tech University and has a long background in with various public leadership positions.  He served as an advisor to then Governor George W Bush and later advised President George W. Bush and helped put the leadership team in place for the Bush Presidency.  He also later served as Chief of Staff for the FDIC and Texas Tech University.  Following his time in public office he entered the private sector, serving as President of Scott Labs before taking his first term as House of Representatives for District 19 in January of this year.


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