Jodey Arrington Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Levelland

20160927_114711Jodey Arrington the Republican Nominee for District 19 Congressman was in Levelland on Tuesday morning, September 27 to host a town hall meeting on the campus of South Plains College.

Arrington opened the meeting by thanking Hockley County for their support in the Primary and the Run-Off which followed.  He said “We are honored beyond words, going on to say “We haven’t won it yet and I would appreciate your vote and continued support in November.”  Arrington said he wants to go to Washington to lead and represent the values and interest of the Agriculture, Energy, Higher Education and Small Business Interests of West Texas.  “If these values are all represented in Washington, we can get America back.”

Arrington vowed his support for agriculture saying “Future Farmers of America, Help is on the Way.”  He pledged his fight to get another farm bill and it must include cotton, otherwise, we have lost West Texas.

In asked about his thoughts on the Department of Education, Arrington said the regulations and burdens of regulations from the different agencies in the Federal Government is one of the greatest threats to the next generation growing up in America.  He said he is not against some of the funding programs of the Department of Education, however, they do not to be administered through the Department of Education.  Funding should be handled by another agency which already in the Federal Government, namely, the US Treasury.  He said parts of the education system need reformed going on to state “I am not in favor of a Free Education System, I am for giving everyone opportunity to have an affordable education.

Arrington echoed throughout the town hall meetin, “we have to get back to “We the People, Not We the Government.”

Arrington also appeared at an appreciation event for ag producers in Hockley County Tuesday afternoon hosted by the Agriculture Committee of the Levelland Chamber of Commerce.

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