Levelland Middle School Hosts STAAR Camp

STAAR Math Camp 1

LMS Math Teacher Brian Luna reviews data analysis with 8th graders



Levelland Middle School 8th graders participated in Reading and Math STAAR Camp on Monday. In preparation for STAAR tests on Tuesday and Wednesday, students spent the day moving through stations where they reviewed key concepts that they have learned this year.

Lessons at each station were designed and/or presented by LHS Juniors. To conclude the days lessons, students gathered in the LMS Auditorium to hear words of motivation from professional speaker, Matt Rush who used balloons to challenge students to release the greatness within each one of them.

Gracie Ruiz, 8th grade Math teacher finds that the interactive nature of the camp is good for students . “The camp gives our students the opportunity to get up and move around while reviewing math concepts one last time before they take the STAAR assessment. The lessons are interactive and allow the students to communicate mathematically with their peers. I believe this helps them have a deeper understanding of these math concepts,” Ruiz said. “It’s a win-win situation. Students are engaged in the learning process and having fun at the same time!” she added.

8th grade English Language Arts teacher Janie Fryar believes that students benefit from hearing information from high school students. “Listening to the high school students gives our 8th graders a fresh perspective on difficult concepts and sometimes simply makes the middle schoolers more receptive to what is being said.”

Mrs. Ruiz and Mrs. Fryar have organized the STAAR Camp each year since the test was introduced. STAAR Camp will be conducted for Science and Social Studies in May.

STAAR Camp Motivation

Matt Rush reminds 8th Grade STAAR testers that it is not their circumstances that define them, but their inner greatness.

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