Levelland EDC Holds Regular Meeting

The Levelland Economic Development Corporation held their regular monthly meeting Thursday.

The board approved the monthly financial reports along with rail reports.  It was noted that Penny Newman Grain which started operating in November has had over 260 train cars through the rail park since that time and they are not in full operation as of yet.  The board also discussed the sales tax numbers showing sales tax collections to be down roughly 12% from a year ago however they are still within budget.

the board also discussed rail inspections.  LEDC staff is currently researching the frequency rail inspections are required by the Federal Railroad Administration.  Currently the board is spending $750 per month for inspections and routine maintenance if needed.

The board also discussed Rail Infrastructure improvements, mainly the street project and sewer project which was a bond project for the Penny Newman Grain Facility.  It was noted that the contractor West Infrastructure is now at least 10 days late on completion of the project even after allowing 29 days extra due to various reasons.  It was also noted that engineering expense for the project has all been expended and an additional $15,000-16,000 will be needed since the project is ongoing.  West Infrastructure has also not been on the job since the Christmas Holiday and has told engineers that it would be Monday before they got back to the street project and would likely be February before they could resume the Sewer project.  After discussion the board instructed staff to notify the contractor in writing that pursuant to the contract the board is considering liquidated damages of $500 per day adjusted for various delays past the completion date in the contract.  They also approved additional engineering costs for Parkhill, Smith and Cooper to see the project to completion.

The board also reviewed the bylaws for the Levelland EDC.  They will make final approval at their February meeting before presenting them to the City Council for final approval.

The board then met in executive session to discuss pending projects.  No action was taken.


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