Levelland ISD Board of Trustees Hold Special Meeting


Levelland ISD Board of Trustees met this morning in an emergency meeting to discuss parking lot damage at the high school.

As a result of an unusual amount of water runoff and flooding from recent rains, the Levelland High School parking lot has experienced excessive damage.  The major portion of the damage is located on the northwest corner of the auto tech shop.  The extensive water damage has made driving a vehicle in the area extremely dangerous.

Jim McCutchin, Construction Manager Agent for the district was notified of the problem and a contractor made a recommendation.  Superintendent, Jeff Northern said the district has received 2 quotes for the repairs, Robert McHam Construction with $49,852 and Thrasher, Inc. of Plainview, $78,070.  Many questions were asked concerning the major difference in the 2 quotes.  It was noted that the work will include pouring 22’ wide section of concrete approximately 300’ long and to grade to desired elevations and forcing water off of the parking lot to the north into a drainage culvert already in place.  It was noted that approximately $1 Million dollars had been estimated to redo the entire parking lot at the high school.  It was noted that with this project the district will also later do some seal coating in the parking lot and will likely be able to save money in the long run according to Deputy Superintendent Kelly Baggett.  He also said that the problem had gotten significantly worse in the past 3 weeks as he and Superintendent Jeff Northern had been monitoring the situation.  Trustee, DeEtte Edens said “It’s awful, this issue must be addressed immediately.”  A motion was made and passed unanimously to proceed with Robert McHam making the repairs.

The reason to declare this an emergency matter was in order to have work completed in time for classes to start the end of August.  By declaring it an emergency matter work can begin immediately without having to go throught the formal bid process which would take atleast 2 additional weeks.

Trustees also approved hiring 2 teachers for Levelland ABC.  Both were replacing teachers who had left the district.

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