SPC Hosts Kids College

CLASS OF 2027 – South Plains College recently hosted Kids College for area  kindergarten students. Shown are, from left, Noah Jaime, 6, Lainey Sanders, 6, and  Jozaih Garza, 5. (SPC Photo/Wes Underwood)

CLASS OF 2027 – South Plains College recently hosted Kids College for area
kindergarten students. Shown are, from left, Noah Jaime, 6, Lainey Sanders, 6, and
Jozaih Garza, 5. (SPC Photo/Wes Underwood)

They may be small now. However, for the youngsters who attended South Plains College’s Kids College on Friday (April 10), the trip to campus has planted the seeds in the minds of future college students.

More than 380 kindergarten students from Levelland ABC School, Sundown Independent School District, Whiteface Independent School District, Whitharral Independent School District and Lazbuddie Independent School District participated in a half-day event. The students were treated to a special College is Fun program where they were honored as the future SPC Class of 2027. At the start of the day, Lainey Sanders, 6, was undecided about her future goals. She was excited about the field trip to campus, and she could hardly wait to see the day unfold. Her classmates, Noah Jaime, 6, and Jozaih Garza, 5, already knew what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Noah wants to be a teacher and Jozaih wants to be a doctor. The kindergarteners had a difficult time holding down their excitement and joy. The festivities included a Weird Science Show, a yoga class, a visit to nursing and the SPC Zoo.

In the Weird Science Show, the youngsters were introduced to radio waves and resonance presented through the use of a tuning tool and a water instrument.  The youngsters were encouraged to bend their bodies, stretch and move during the yoga class. Through giggles and laughs, they managed to transform themselves into pretzels. The fun didn’t end when the groups toured the nursing area where they applied bandages and donned hospital garb in the presence of creepy mannequins. The SPC Zoo allowed the kindergarteners the opportunity to pet a large turtle, view and listen to a rattlesnake, examine hissing cockroaches and watch the mouse dig holes behind a pumpkin inside a snake’s cage. All of the intrigue of hairy spiders and other bugs provided lasting memories for the students. “This was so much fun,” said an enthusiastic Lainey. “I wanna be a vet and help animals!” She said she found the animals to be interesting and now she knows what she wants to be when she grows up. Lainey added that she likes to ride horses, too.

The excitement also oozed from the smiles of Noah and Joziah. The boys eagerly raised their

hands and echoed the sentiment about the animals. “I loved the turtle,” Noah said. “It has pokey stuff on his arms!” “He was so big!” said Joziah. “I loved going to the Zoo!”

Both boys said their future goals were unchanged following their visit to SPC. However, they

added a second career goal – they both want to be doctors, too. “I want to be a teacher and a doctor because of the animals,” Noah said. “They were fun and school was fun. That’s why people go to college.”

While the journey to higher education is still a few years down the road, the excitement of education has already captured these future college students. The members of the Class of 2027 are planning to have South Plains College as a part of their futures.

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