Levelland ISD Building Projects Continue

Levelland ISD Building Projects as part of the 39.4 Million Dollar bond issue is continuing. A full report was presented by architects and the construction manager to the bond oversight committee this morning.

Construction continues at Lobo Stadium. The track and turf has been installed and framing continues on the press box. The field house and concession stand construction continues. Roofing is expected to start on the field house in the coming weeks. Construction Manager, Jim McCutchin stated that the weather has caused workers to lose almost 40 days of work, however, he said that construction should be complete on the facility by February, 2015 which was the estimated completion date originally. The first event is the District Track Meet in April, which will be held at the new facility according to Superintendent Kelly Baggett.

New Windows have been installed at Cactus Elementary and South Elementary. Interior work at Cactus will take place at a later date. Work at South Elementary is well underway and has been the biggest renovation project to date. It was pointed out that the sewer line was replaced recently. It was pointed out that the old line was 50 years old and was run nearly flat which has caused many problems throughout the years. It was noted that if the new sewer line outside the building does not alleviate the problems, then the problem will be the line inside the building and that work will have to be done in the summer, as the line runs through the kitchen and it would have to be shut down for the repairs to be made.

The Handicap Accessible Ramp has been installed at the Intermediate School Auditorium and installation of the roof for the ramp area will be installed in the coming weeks and carpet and seating will then be installed.

The Construction Manager for the district, Jim McCutchin spent a part of the meeting addressing rumors he has heard in the community that is simply not true. One of those rumors is the school district is not paying bills for the bond projects, he said that is not true and in fact said that the checks are always hand delivered by the Superintendent to his office in a very short time after the final invoices have been presented to the district for payment. He also addressed the rumor that the district was out of money on the Lobo Stadium project. He noted that, thus far the district has spent 6.8 Million dollars on the project leaving nearly 3 million dollars for the remainder of the project, noting it could come in under budget. It was also pointed out that the Lobo Stadium project includes the tennis courts and track at the Middle School. He also noted that a rumor was out that Helis Construction, which installed the turf and track was going out of business. He said that was not true and even if they were they have completed all of the work they are contracted for with the district.

School Administration and Director of Finance, Nick Williams gave an overview of the Budget for the bond projects. He noted that 39.4 Million dollars has been allocated for all of the bond projects and it was noted that thus far 14.3 Million dollars have been spent leaving 25.1 Million dollars for the remaining projects.

Superintendent Kelly Baggett also fielded a question concerning the plans for the Ag Farm. The current Ag Farm has recently been purchased by a local businessman and they have allowed the district to continue to use the facility through the end of the this school year. The Superintendent said that the district has located the land for the new ag farm and attorneys for the school district and the land owners attorneys are working through the final stages of aquiring the land. He said it will be a five acre site and right now the district has allocated just less than $500,000 for construction of the ag farm. District Administration and Architects currently are working on preliminary plans for the new facility which should be in place by next school year for use by the FFA students of the district as they prepare for stock shows.

The next meeting for the Bond Oversight Committee will be held on February 11, 2015.

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News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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