Levelland City Council Holds Regular Meeting

The Levelland City Council met Monday night in a regular meeting. The summary of that meeting is below.

The Levelland City Council canvased election returns from the May 10 election. Election Administrator Beth Walls did release that there were 5 provisional ballots cast and 1 of those was found to be a valid vote. The early voting board met and opened that ballot, it was an additional vote for Manuel Mendez which gave him 90 votes to Larry Davidson, 83 votes. All other election results were canvassed and made official by the council last night. Manuel Mendez and Billy Youngblood were sworn in to two year terms.

The council also took action to accept nominations for Mayor Pro Tem. The nomination was made by Joe Bill Vardeman to appoint Billy Youngblood and Manuel Mendez nominated Max Ledesma. The vote was tyed 2 for Billy and 2 for Max, the Mayor cast the tye breaking vote for Max Ledesma and he was named Mayor Pro Tem.

The council also took action to approve the quarterly investment report

The council also approved staff to seek proposals for Depository Services for the City. The council will award the proposal on Monday, June 23.

The council also took action to authorize Eric Rejino, Director of Community Development, City Manager and Administrative Aide to the Director of Community Development to act as city representative for a Texas Capital Fund Grant which will pay for the construction of a rail spur for the new company to locate in the Rail Park which was announced last week.

The council will also authorize the engineering services contract for the construction of the rail spur. The recommendation was made by a committee consisting of a council representative, LEDC board member, LEDC Director, Public works Director and a City Staff Representative. The recommendation was made to approve Parkhill, Smith and Cooper. It was noted that Parkhill, Smith and Cooper was the engineers for the Rail Park originally. Manuel Mendez thanked Shawn Kirkpatrick and Eric Rejino for their diligent work on this project and he feels this is a good project for Levelland and a good use of taxpayer money.

The council also took action on the resale of property at 310 West Ave. Which is the former location of Ted’s Cafe. The taxes owed on the property is $6374.84 and the offer from Manuela Ramirez was $2,500.

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