Levelland City Council Candidate Declared In-Eligible and Cannot Be Declared a Winner

Regardless of the outcome of the District C Race for Levelland City Council, Billy Youngblood, the incumbent will be declared the winner.

This is after the City Secretary and Chief Election official filed an administrative declaration of ineligibility late last week for Candidate Jose Luis Rubalcava. However, Rubalcava says he is eyeing his options. The city paperwork states he is ineligible because 1) you must be a registered voter of the City of Levelland and 2) you must have lived in district C for 6 months prior to the first date in which candidates could file, which would be February 29. Records show that an election ID number on Rubalcava’s application for candidacy actually belongs to a Jose Nieves Rubalcava who does NOT reside at the address on the application. The Hockley County Voter Registrar’s office told KLVT news that he is not a registered voter in the City of Levelland. Furthermore, it was noted that he did not file to become a registered voter until March 25 well after he filed as a candidate on February 28. The address he put on his voter registration on March 25 is 2408 Mockingbird which is not only outside District C but is also outside the city limits of Levelland. According to the voter registrar’s office he is still listed on Mockingbird, he attempted to change his address to 208 Mike, which would be in District C, but it was past the April 10 deadline set by the State of Texas for any changes for the May 10 election. Rubalcava said he is studying his options before taking any action. KLVT news has contacted the Secretary of State’s office and the Texas Ethics Commission to further discuss this matter, however they have not returned our calls.

About Drew Dunn

News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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