Levelland Chamber Hosts Candidate Forum

The Levelland Chamber of Commerce hosted the political forum for candidates of the Levelland ISD School Board and Levelland City Council last night at the Mallet Event Center.

Each candidate was given time to introduce their self and then each candidate was asked 2 questions which was selected by the committee and then one questions selected by the audience.

Levelland City Council

1) What community, education or professional experiences have helped prepare you to lead as a city council member.
a) Manuel Mendez Jr.–He has been a resident of Levelland most of his live and has served on Levelland ISD
School Board.
b) Billy Youngblood–Over 30 years experience of work in the retail environment and numerous volunteer
c) Larry Davidson–Worked with Atmos Energy for 34 years and participated in several leadership programs with Atmos and the Leadership Levelland program. Has served on Levelland City Council for 5 years.

2) In your opinion, what are the top three issues facing the City of Levelland.

a) Billy Youngblood believes the city needs to develop a park improvement plan and stick with it for upkeep and maintenance of the city parks. He also believes there needs to be accountability throughout the city and the city has to be prepared for handling growth.

b) Larry Davidson believes there are three positives for Levelland including a 100 year water supply-assured by an agreement several years ago–the Oxy-Sports complex is coming online in the next year and will be a benefit to the city and the region. He also believes another positive is the Levelland Industrial Rail Park which continues to grow and has several business prospects in the works.

c) Manuel Mendez also believes the city has got to better maintain the city parks. He also believes that Levelland is going to have to enact water restrictions similar to that of other cities in our area. He said he understands that Levelland has signed agreements to assure a good water supply for citizens for many years to come however, he pointed out that other cities in this region are in danger of being out of water in 90 days or less.

The question asked by the audience was–What is your role as a city council member–All agreed that the City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for overall city operations. The council is responsible for oversight of the City Manager only NOT City operations.

School Board Candidates–

1) What community, education or professional experiences have helped prepare you to lead as a school board member?
a) Tommie Vidales–Experience in health field for many years and have mentored students on interns
as part of her job as a nurse practitioner for Covenant Hospital Levelland.
b) Glen Smith–He served as a supervisor for Amoco for 31 years and has served on school board for total of
12 years.
c) DeEtte Edens–Current Director of Student Health Services at SPC and former teacher in Levelland ISD.
d) Abel Rodriquez–Several years service in Marine Core has taught values and accountability.
e) Randall Coddington–Past work experience with Sodexo Grounds and Maintenance for LISD and current parks
department employee for the City of Levelland. He also serves on Texas State Guard which can be deployed
for natural disastors anywhere in the state.

2) In your opinion, what are the top three issues facing the Levelland ISD and how would you address each?
a) Glen Smith–Finance–Teacher Shortages and seeing bond issue to completion and be good stewards
of taxpayer funds.
b) DeEtte Edens–Academics–Work to make Levelland ISD the best it can be–Funding and above all school
safety–we must provide a safe work environment for all teachers and students.
c) Abel Rodriguez–Growth–LISD is losing too many students to other school districts–Must be good stewards
of taxpayer funds and must be honest with constituents in all matters–more transparent.
d) Randall Coddington–Education is top priority and make the public feel more welcome and board meetings.
Board members must stay in touch with students, teachers and parents.
e) Tommie Vidales–Budget and finance and have a open line of communication with parents, teachers and

All candidates were then asked to give their opinion on their role as a school board member. They seemed to all agree that helping to make Levelland ISD the best it can be as the number one role.

About Drew Dunn

News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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