Polling Locations for Hockley County for Constitutional Amendment Election

Today is election day for the Constitutional Amendment Election. The polling locations for Hockley County are determined by your precinct which will be listed on your Voter Registration Card.

Polling Locations for Hockley County—

Precinct 14–Ropesville City Hall
Precinct 15–South Smyer Co-Op Gin
Precinct 11 and 16–Christ United Methodist Church
Precinct 21–Mallet Event Center–South Highway 385
Precinct 24–Sundown School
Precinct 32, 33, 35, 36 and 45–Commissioners Courtroom–Hockley County Courthouse
Precinct 43–Whitharral Lions Club Building
Precinct 44–Anton City Hall
Precinct 46–Smyer Elementary Library

If you have any questions concerning where you vote, contact the County Clerk’s office in Hockley County at 894-3185. Someone will be manning the phones in that office until 7pm tonight. Polls are open at all locations from 7am to 7pm.

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