Levelland City Council Holds Special Meeting

A special meeting of the Levelland City Council was called last night. There was only one item on the agenda—to discuss and take possible action on the rules and procedures of city council meetings. Councilman Larry Davidson immediately spoke and said that he had received many phone calls, text messages, emails and visits from constituents on the conduct of recent city council meetings. He said he had reviewed the city charter and also studied the open meetings act and he also said he had reviewed the new rules being proposed and he feels they are very vague and best and he made a motion to table action with the stipulation that city manager Rick Osburn schedule a Council Work Session to discuss and draft rules. The motion was approved unanimously. Mayor Waymon Jackson made the statement he had nothing to do with calling the special meeting. Raymon Jackson spoke from the audience and asked why a special meeting was called on a Thursday night and not on the regular meeting date which would be Monday night. City Manager Rick Osburn stated that he had the request from numerous council members and thus called the meeting at their request. Levelland City Charter allows for a special meeting to be called with a majority of the council requesting. A special work session has been scheduled for Monday at 7pm, the Mayor stated the work session was a public meeting and the public was welcome to attend. He also went on to say that he will continue to fight for the public to be heard at council meetings. Eric Taylor, a long time Levelland resident then asked to speak to the council—he stated “we are participating in a public meeting tonight which is allowed by Article I of the US Constitution. He further stated that if the rules proposed were approved it would take away the peoples constitutional right. B.J. Brackens also addressed the council, asking where all the people to support Larry was if he had taken so many phone calls, etc. and further stating you should be ashamed of your self to call a meeting on a day such as Halloween, she also stated she had nothing against the council. Dee Macha then spoke, he stated, with respect to the previous speakers, I commend this council for the action taken to table this item for further review. He also spoke in regards to the Open Meetings Act as governed by the Texas Attorney Generals Office—a council dpoes not have to allow citizens to speak during a meeting—he also said he did not think that was what this council was trying to do, he felt they were trying to enact some rules for an orderly meeting and still allowing for the public to be heard.

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2 Responses to Levelland City Council Holds Special Meeting

  1. Just follow “Roberts Rule of Order” Use the gavel and set a time limit on speakers, but do not try to control the thoughts and words of the citizens of Levelland. The thing that bothers me is the part about three people must agree if the citizen will be allowed to speak. This could be done without notifying all of the city council members of the request……………WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Janice Cunningham


    • KLVT News says:

      Janice–Thanks for your comment. I believe the proposed rules to be considered at their next meeting will actually NOT have the clause requiring majority of council to approve before a citizen can speak.


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