Levelland City Council Holds Regular Meeting

Levelland City Council held a regular meeting Monday night, a meeting that got heated at times.

The city council then discussed appointing members to the Main Street advisory board. Board member Wendy Pierce recently resigned and terms ended for members, Travis Woodard, Tania Moody, and Rocky Lawless. The board has reviewed names twice in open meeting, however, Mayor Waymon Jackson, requests that with all board appointments the names be brought to the council 1 meeting before they are voted on so that the council has more input on board appointments. The council approved appointment of Michael Stueart, Michael Wiiest, Juneta Mitchell and Anthony Padilla to fill vacancies.

The council then approved 2 appointments to the Levelland Planning and Zoning commission. Pete Cunningham and Craig Blair to fill the vacancies of Jody Rose who resigned after he was appointed to the LEDC board and Dallas Pena who does not live in Levelland.

The council also approved the annual agreement with the Senior Citizens Center, the agreement was unchanged from current year.

The council also approved the 2014 Fire Service Agreement with Hockley County. The current agreement calls for the county to pay the city $500 per fire run outside the city limits, Hockley County has raised that amount to $600 per fire run for 2014.

The council also approved a proposal by the Fire Chief, Otis Stark to purchase a new pickup to replace the tahoe being used to haul fire fighters to fires. The chief received 3 proposals, 1 from the state purchasing contract dealer in Houston for $44,575, Smith South Plains bid 34,301 and John Roley Auto Center bid $32,660. The bids were for a 4 door Chevrolet 2500 or Ford equivalent.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss and take action on rules and procedures for city council meetings. City Manager Rick Osburn stated that 3 council members, Billy Youngblood, Joe Bill Vardeman and Larry Davidson had all approached him since the last city council meeting to draft proposed rules for city council meetings. A draft of the rules which is in accordance with state guidelines and the city charter was in the council agenda packet which was delivered to all council members and the mayor last week. The item was never looked at in the meeting, Mayor Waymon Jackson said “What’s Wrong with the way council meetings are run now?” He then said “We are skipping this item.” Councilmember Joe Bill Vardeman made a motion that the item be tabled–the Mayor refused to act on the motion and further stated “we are not tabling this item–as long as I am Mayor we will not look at this item and will NOT vote on it.–we can run city council meetings any way I choose. Council member Larry Davidson asked the city attorney who is supposed to run the meetings–the Mayor stated our charter states the Mayor controls the meeting. He then skipped the item without any action and went to the next item which was statements by citizens. One citizen spoke to the council, however KLVT radio will not report his comments as they were attacking the character of city council members.

Another citizen, Sly Ochoa spoke up from the audience and asked when the item for the city managers resignation or immediate termination would be on the agenda, states, he was at the last council meeting and requested it on the agenda. Mayor Waymon Jackson then directed city administration to place it on the agenda because a citizen has requested it we have to put it on the agenda–no vote was taken by the council and according to open meetings act a vote or action cannot be taken on items brought up in citizen comments. The Mayor demanded it be on the agenda for the next meeting.

About Drew Dunn

News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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