Levelland ISD Board of Trustees Meets in Regular Meeting

The Levelland ISD Board of Trustees met in a regular meeting Wednesday evening.

The full report of that meeting is below………

Under Public Forum–Abel Rodriques addressed the board concerning the bond construction phase 1 and the football stadium. He voiced concern that the public doesn’t care with no one being at the last 2 meetings to speak concerning the football stadium. He said he voted against the bond because he knew what would happen. He said the board is going back on their word by moving the stadium. It bothers him that a special meeting was called at 7am on the stadium issue so no one could attend and then pointed out that the meeting today was at 6pm on a Wednesday night noting that most people in Levelland are at church at 6pm on a Wednesday night. He pointed out that the board only chose 2 local bidders in the project for the high school restroom project. He said he is on track to make sure this project is done legally and right. Board President FE Shaheen stated, the decisions this board makes based on the bond, money and phases is based on a lot of information provided to us and we have to trust that the professional resources we have put in place are giving us correct information. By no means is anyone on this board trying to hide anything from the public. He says he has researched many of the issues brought up concerning the flooding of the current site and the school attorney has reviewed it and agrees. Tania Moody pointed out that the issue with the stadium blind sided many people including the board. We were not happy when we got the news.

The board considered Capitol Elementary Renovations and Remodeling. The total project cost is $800,531 and 64% of the project will be done by local contractors. Construction Managers Jim McCutchin noted this is a very good number for a town this size. Usually you cannot get that many local contractors on a job this size. It was also pointed out that bids are all opened and read aloud at the time specified. These bids were opened at McCutchins office with board president FE Shaheen and Superintendent Kelly Baggett along with achitects and engineers.

The board also discussed amending the Asbestos Management Plan agreement. This agreement is currently in place since 2012, however, the district administration recommends amending the agreement to have Grimes and Associates assist in the writing of contracts for asbestos abatement and bid specs for abatement services. With little discussion the agreement was amended by the board.

The board considered a memo of understanding on a race to the top grant. A number of school districts in this area has formed a consortium to go together as a group to apply for large grants. Any grant awarded would be distributed based on student population.

Curriculum Director Heidi Blair presented the enrollment report. Typically the district uses the after Labor Day numbers as official enrollment numbers. It was pointed out that enrollment numbers are up 80+ students from 2012. There was 3100 students enrolled district wide this year, up from 3018 last year.

It was noted that numbers at the ACE High School has dropped significantly, it was pointed out that part of it accounts for the district doing what they set out to do and graduating students after they passed TAKS and STAAR tests. The question was asked, does administration research why a student has left Levelland for another district–yes they do research to see if they can figure out, however they do not contact the families. It was pointed out that a lot of times parents will move students for the smaller class size which would require much more space, additional faculty and additional funding. The district will have a lot to offer students under the new foundation graduation plans.

The board also reviewed quarterly financial reports.

The board also will be nominating community members to serve on a bond oversight committee.

It was also pointed out that a new law passed in the 83rd Legislative Session forbids a district from using a state procurement system such as the buy board for any construction project. That method could have expedited the process however is not an option.

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