Levelland ISD Holds Regular Meeting

Levelland ISD Board of trustees met in a regular meeting on Monday. The full report from that meeting follows……

The board approved routine consent agenda items.

The board also approved renovation bids for restroom renovation at the high school. The total renovation will be $195,541 and will include work by 2 local contractors, ZM Interiors and Independent Electric. The work is expected to start with in the next month and will take 1-2 months to complete.

The board also approved allowing certain staff members who are licensed CHL holders who have also met additional training requirements and psychological evaluation and have been approved by the superintendent to carry on campus. The policy will also include an annual requirement that the ones allowed to carry will have to certify to the Superintendent on an annual basis that they have loaded, unloaded and fired 100 rounds through their typical Concealed Carry Weapon. No one can carry on campus until they have been approved in a resolution by the School Board. It was also noted that they will be required to use frangible ammunition.

The board also approved the sale of bonds for the 39.4 Million dollar bond issue approved by voters in May. The interest rate for the bonds is 4.21% which is less than what representatives of Specialized School Finance estimated in July. The decrease in the rates will make the property tax rates less. The property tax rate for the bond issue is estimated at just over 15.5 cents per $100 property value.

The board also heard a detailed presentation on the update on construction from Parkhill Smith and Cooper Architecture firm. A detailed report was discussed on the rebuilding of Lobo Stadium. Demolition is expected to begin November 9 and will take 2 months to complete. Construction will begin after demolition. Construction will likely take longer than August of 2014. It was pointed out that plans will have to be made for alternative sites to play the 2014 season. Every possible action will be taken to speed the project up however all board members emphasized that safety is the utmost concern and we want it done right.

Other construction work being looked at includes:

Capitol Elementary—

Plans will be issued for bids soon…..

The project includes—

2 sets of restrooms remodeling—construction is expected to start in September or October
Drop off Canopy will be added
Parking modifications
HVAC replacement
Window replacement will take place in the Summer of 2014

Work at the High school will include 2 sets of restrooms being remodeled which bids were approved earlier in the meeting. They are starting the design on science labs and they hope to issue documents for bids in December and they also plan to issue the design and replacement of additional seats in the Gano Tubb Gym to take place around athletic schedule.

They are working on design work for the football field, track, tennis courts and parking for the middle school and hope to issue plans in January 2014.

They are also starting the design of auditorium chair replacement for the Intermediate school and plan to issue plans in September or October. They also plan to do the window replacement for that building in the Summer of 2015.

Representatives of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper also discussed safety and security plans for the district facility.

The board also approved accepting bids for the sale of an old press box/storage unit at the high school practice field. Law requires board action before any item can be disposed of in any way.

The board also approved the Student Code of Conduct for 2013-2014 school year. The code of conduct will be posted on the school website. There were only minor changes this year to comply with Texas Association of School Board Recommendations.

The school board also heard a report on the proposed budget and tax rate which will be approved at a special August 29 meeting at 7am. The new budget will include an across the board salary increase of 3% for district employees. Board President FE Shaheen noted that the board discussed at length several different options for salary increases and settled on an across the board increase to thank teachers, staff and administration for their work in being conservative with the current budget and for their hard work for the district.

The board also heard the summer school report and a report on STAAR Test results for the district.

They also approved personnel matters consisting of 6 resignations and several changes of assignment. It was noted that enrollment is expected to be up this next year and they will likely have to hire an additional teacher for Levelland ABC and possibly 4th grade as well.

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News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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