Levelland ISD Board of Trustees Meet in Special Meeting

Levelland ISD Board of Trustees met in special session this morning. They took action on a number of resignations, changes in assignment and acted on hiring new personnel.


Danial Lassiter–7th Gr. Teacher and Tennis Coach–Middle School
Clint White–Math Interventionist/Boys Athletics–Middle School
Kenny Berry–Principal–Middle School

Kim Smith–Kindergarten–ABC
Diane Biggers–PK Teacher Aide–ABC
Jennifer Read–Special Education, Pre-K–ABC
Peggy Teresa Ramon–Counselor–ABC
Michelle Castillo-Pre-K Teacher Aide–ABC
Melissa Hanks–Inclusion Aide–ABC

Jeannie Keen–Speech/Language Pathologist–South Plains Educational Co-Op
Staci Bearden–Speech/Language Pathologist–South Plains Educational Co-Op

Rebecca Lozano–ESL Teaching Assistant–Intermediate
Patricia Gutierrez–P E–Intermediate

Katy Baker–Family Consumer Sciences/Technology Coordinator–High School
Ray Vasquez–Principal–High School
Jerry Hernandez–Band Director–High School
Danielle Boucher–Math/Assistant Tennis–High School
Amanda Richardson–Teacher/JV Volleyball/9th Grade Girls Basketball Coach–High School
Regina Barron–Science–High School

Christie Rendon–Office Aide–Capitol

Monica Esparza–Teachers Aide–Cactus

Ivy Gilbreath–Self Contained Aide–South
Sarah West–3rd Grade English, Language Arts–South

Change of Assignments

Liz Pruitt from office aide at South to office aide at Capitol
Melody Turner from 4th grade reading to Reading Specialist at Intermediate
Sundi Sanderson from 3rd English-Language Arts at South to 4th grade Reading at Intermediate
Missy Patton–Special Ed Inclusion to P E at Intermediate
Terri White from Head Girls Basketball Coach to Assistant Girls Track Coach at High School
Diane Martinez from Self Contained Teachers Aide at Middle School to ESL Aide at Intermediate
D’Nae Wilson from Science to P E at Middle School
Meagan Sowder from P E/Girls Athletics at the Middle School to 8th Grade ELA at Middle School
Kinsey Kleyn–From 6th grade Math to 6th grade ELA at Middle School
Lee Ann Jackson from 8th Grade ELA to 8th grade ELA Accelerated–Middle School
Linda Johnson–from 4th and 5th Grade Math and Science at Cactus to 6th Grade Math at Middle School
Rosie Samarron from Teachers Aide at South to Self Contained Teachers Aide at Middle School
Juanita Maldonado from 1st Grade to 3rd Grade at South
Linda Tucker from Kindergarten at ABC to 1st Grade at South
Gloria Gonzales from Special Education at Cactus to Self Contained Special Ed at South


Carolyn Heverly–5th Grade Science and Social Studies–Intermediate

New Hires

Billy Howell–Science/Credit Recovery–High School
Chelsea Poage–Pre-Kindergarten–ABC
Barbara Utley–Kindergarten–ABC
Amber Brooks–Science/Girls Athletics–Middle School
James Cavitt-Math/Boys Athletics–Middle School
Brady Dalton–History/Tennis Coach–Middle School
Sandi Hansen–Math/Asst. Tennis Coach–High School
Kelsey Beal–Assistant Athletic Trainer–High School
Khris Oaks–Family Consumer Science–High School
Sarah Edwards–8th Grade Math–Middle School
Diane Hale DeLuna–5th Grade Science and Social Studies–Intermediate
Melissa Clanton–Special Ed Inclusion–Intermediate
Amanda Davis–Couselor–ABC

Gary Bridges–Principal–High School
John Brad Clanton–Principal–Middle School

About Drew Dunn

News Director for KLVT AM 1230 in Levelland. We provide local and regional news updates 5 times a day on KLVT AM 1230 and online at www.klvtradio.com
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