Levelland Mayor signs Proclamation for National Ag Appreciation Day

Levelland Mayor Signs Proclamation in recognition of National Ag Appreciation Day.

Levelland Mayor Signs Proclamation in recognition of National Ag Appreciation Day.


March 19, 2013 is National Ag Appreciation Day and therefore declared as such locally, the day to recognize the abundance provided by agriculture. Ag partners in all of America and Levelland join together to celebrate the contributions of agriculture to the economy.

The Ag Committee of the Levelland Chamber of Commerce believes that ensuring a strong safety net for agriculture is vital to preserving the nation’s food security and the integrity of our food and fiber production in the United States. One could say if you “eat or wear clothes” then you are involved in agriculture.

Our agriculture partners help to feed and clothe the world and fuels our local and national economy.

American farmers and ranchers, national symbols of strength and character, display ingenuity in times of prosperity and perseverance in the face of hardships while supplying our state, nation and world with an abundance of high quality agricultural goods and products; and American farmers and ranchers uphold the rural character of the Nation as they provide the most abundant and most affordable food and fiber supply in the world.

West Texas farm families are stewards of the land, contributing to the health, beauty, productivity and quality of our state’s water, soil and forest resources for the benefit of all Texans; and

The Hockley County Extension Service’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in West Texas by ensuring the integrity of our food supply, the health of our environment, and the strength of our agricultural economy; and

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of National Agriculture Week, an effort to raise awareness of the positive contributions agriculture makes in providing necessary food and fiber of everyday life.

In recognition of the preeminent role that agriculture plays in the daily life of every citizen of Hockley County and America, in acknowledgement of the future progress and prosperity of the Nation’s economy and in appreciation of farmers and ranchers across the nation, we proclaim March 19, 2013 as Levelland National Ag Day.

Signed by Waymon Jackson, Mayor

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