Hockley County Stockshow Results–Barrow Show–1/25/2013

Levelland Hockley County Junior Livestock Show results from the Barrow Show which was held on Thursday, January 24, 2013…..

Berk–Class 1

1st–Sayer Senter–Ropes FFA

2nd–Britni Parker–Anton FFA

3rd–Justin Lee–Ropes FFA

Berk–Class 2

1st–Sutton Senter–Ropes FFA

2nd–Christoper Albus–Whitharral 4-H

3rd–Casen Lucas–Levelland FFA

Berk–Class 3

1st–Ashley Trammell–Levelland FFA

2nd–Chanci Harvey–Anton FFA

3rd–Taylor Fair–Smyer FFA

Breed Champion–Sayer Senter–Ropes FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Sutton Senter–Ropes FFA

Chester–Class 1

1st–Tessa Ferguson–Ropes FFA

2nd–Casen Lucas–Levelland FFA

3rd–Ashley Austin–Levelland FFA

Chester–Class 2

1st–Daniel Poage–Levelland FFA

2nd–Morgan McCutchen–Levelland FFA

3rd–Christopher Albus–Whitharral 4-H

Chester–Class 3

1st–James Albus–Smyer FFA

2nd–Klay Horne–Levelland FFA

3rd–Justen Lee–Ropes FFA

Breed Champion–Tessa Ferguson–Ropes FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–James Albus–Smyer FFA

Cross–Class 1

1st–Kami Isaacks–Smyer FFA

2nd–BaLeigh Pugh–Levelland FFA

3rd–Justin Lee–Ropes FFA

Cross–Class 2

1st–Kain Alexander–Levelland FFA

2nd–Shelby Ochoa–Ropes FFA

3rd–Sutton Senter–Ropes FFA

Cross–Class 3

1st–Jacelyn Nesmith–Levelland FFA

2nd–Cyanne Jones–Levelland FFA

3rd–Cheaden Reyna–Levelland FFA

Cross–Class 4

1st–Josh O’Connor–Levelland FFA

2nd–Haven Wisdom–Levelland FFA

3rd–Jarron Nesmith–Levelland FFA

Cross–Class 5

1st–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

2nd–Jarron Nesmith–Levelland FFA

3rd–Kegan Dent–Levelland FFA

Cross–Class 6

1st–Alyssa Wells–Levelland FFA

2nd–Shayla House–Levelland FFA

3rd–Matthew Lopez–Whitharral 4-H

Breed Champion–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Josh O’Connor–Levelland FFA

Duroc–Class 1

1st–Recardo Salas–Ropes fFA

2nd–Seth Durham–Levelland FFA

3rd–Klay Horne–Levelland FFA

Duroc–Class 2

1st–Seth Durham–Levelland FFA

2nd–Paige Thrash–Ropes FFA

3rd–Lacie Jackson–Ropes FFA

Duroc–Class 3

1st–Kody Duncan–Levelland FFA

2nd–Eduardo (Trace) Trevino–Smyer FFA

3rd–Kennedy Wood–Levelland FFA

Breed Champion–Seth Durham–Levelland FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Paige Thrash–Ropes FFA

Hamp–Class 1

1st–Jarron Nesmith–Levelland FFA

2nd–Sydney Shakespeare–Levelland FFA

3rd–Garrett Fair–Ropes FFA

Hamp–Class 2

1st–Shayla House–Levelland FFA

2nd–Guy Don Overman–Levelland FFA

3rd–Vance McCabe–Ropes 4-H

Hamp–Class 3

1st–Justin Lee–Ropes FFA

2nd–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

3rd–Kain Alexander–Levelland FFA

Hamp–Class 4

1st–Vance McCabe–Ropes 4-H

2nd–Tessa Ferguson–Ropes FFA

3rd–Kamryn Lucas–Levelland FFA

Hamp–Class 5

1st–BaLeigh Pugh–Levelland FFA

2nd–Cody Oliver–Smyer FFA

3rd–Katelyn Ramirez–Ropes FFA

Breed Champion–Shayla House–Levelland FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Justin Lee–Ropes FFA

Poland–Class 1

1st–Chanci Harvey–Anton FFA

2nd–Avery Fields–Anton FFA

3rd–Kennedy Wood–Levelland FFA

Poland–Class 2

1st–Anthony Austin–Levelland FFA

2nd–Katelyn Ramirez–Ropes FFA

3rd–Destiny Lee–Smyer FFA

Breed Champion–Chanci Harvey–Anton FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Anthony Austin–Levelland FFA

Spot–Class 1

1st–Randen Reep–Ropes 4-H

2nd–Lisa Harding–Smyer FFA

3rd–Charlie Abram–Ropes FFA

Spot–Class 2

1st–Kami Isaacks–Smyer FFA

2nd–Maycee Baccus–Levelland FFA

3rd–Stevie Trevino–Smyer FFA

Spot–Class 3

1st–Randen Reep–Ropes 4-H

2nd–Sara Quintanilla–Levelland FFA

3rd–Chet Overman–Levelland FFA

Breed Champion–Kami Isaacks–Smyer FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Randon Reep–Ropes 4-H

York–Class 1

1st–Brogan Henley–Smyer FFA

2nd–Sayer Senter–Ropes FFA

3rd–Reese Bolen–Smyer FFA

York–Class 2

1st–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

2nd–Paige Thrash–Ropes FFA

3rd–Chet Overman–Levelland FFA

York–Class 3

1st–Kegan Dent–Levelland FFA

2nd–Tessa Ferguson–Ropes FFA

3rd–Haylee Jackson–Levelland FFA

York–Class 4

1st–Sydney Shakespeare–Levelland FFA

2nd–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

3rd–Sutton Senter–Ropes FFA

Breed Champion–Brogan Henley–Smyer FFA

Reserve Breed Champion–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

Grand Champion Barrow–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow–Josh O’Connor–Levelland FFA

Junior Showmanship–Josh O’Connor–Levelland FFA

Senior Showmanship–Genna Madia–Levelland FFA

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