Hockley Junior Livestock Show Results…..1/24/2013

Day 1 of the Hockley County Junior Livestock show wrapped up Wednesday evening at the Mallet Event Center and Arena on South Hwy 385 in Levelland.

Goat Show

Class 1

1st–Jake Holtman
2nd–Nathan Holtman
3rd–Brody Black

Class 2

1st–Jagger Holtman
2nd–Nathan Holtman
3rd–Jake Holtman

Class 3

1st–Jagger Holtman
2nd–Sara Quintanilla
3rd–Destiny Lee

Class 4

1st–Harlea Hoelscher
2nd–Courtney Black
3rd–Harlea Hoelscher

Grand Champion Goat–Harlea Hoelscher

Reserve Grand Champion Goat–Jagger Holtman

Junior Showmanship–Courtney Black

Senior Showmanship–Jagger Holtman

Lamb Show


1st–Jake Holtman, Ropes FFA
2nd–Jagger Holtman, Ropes FFA
3rd–Nathan Holtman, Ropes FFA


1st–Brody Black–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Courtney Black–Whitharral 4-H
3rd–Courtney Black–Whitharral 4-H

Southdown–LT Heavy

1st–Jacelyn Nesmith–Levelland FFA
2nd–Sara Quintanilla–Levelland FFA
3rd–Courtney Black–Whitharral 4-H


1st–Trenton Lewis–Levelland FFA
2nd–Harlea Hoelscher–Whitharral 4-H

Southdown Breed Champion–Jacelyn Nesmith
Southdown Reserve Champion–Brody Black


1st–Abby Hoelscher–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Brody Black–Whitharral 4-H
3rd–Brody Black–Whitharral 4-H


1st–Harlea Hoelscher–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Harlea Hoelscher–Whitharral 4-H
3rd–Abby Hoelscher–Whitharral 4-H

Lamb Show

Junior Commercial Doe

1st–Elizabeth Bryan–Smyer FFA
2nd–Rebecca Seigman–Smyer FFA

Senior Commercial Doe

1st–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H
2nd–Rebecca Seigman–Smyer FFA

Senior Fancy Buck

1st–Rebecca Lee–Levelland 4-H
2nd–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H
3rd–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H

Junior Commercial Buck

1st–Rebecca Seigman–Smyer FFA

Junior Fancy Doe

1st–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H
2nd–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H

Senior Fancy Doe

1st–Rebecca Lee–Levelland 4-H
2nd–Sara Quintanilla–Levelland FFA

Lamb Show Junior Showmanship–Elizabeth Bryan–Smyer FFA
Lamb Show Senior Showmanship–Eric Wright–Smyer FFA
Grand Champion Fancy Doe–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Reserve Grand Champion Fancy Doe–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H

Grand Champion Fancy Buck–Rebecca Lee–Levelland 4-H
Reserve Grand Champion Fancy Buck–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Supreme Buck–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Champion Commercial Buck–Lexie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Reserve Grand Champion Buck–Lexie Wright–Smyer FFA

Grand Champion Commercial Doe–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Supreme Champion Doe–McKenzie Lee–Levelland 4-H
Reserve Champion Commercial Doe–Elizabeth Bryan–Smyer FFA

Steer Show

Class 1

1st–Austen Thetford–Anton 4-H
2nd–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H

Class 4–British Light Weight

1st–Zachary Matthews–Anton FFA
2nd–Mac Thompson–Ropes 4-H
3rd–Jace Wood–Anton FFA

Class 5–British Heavy Weight

1st–Brayden Shaw–Smyer 4-H
2nd–Cooper Shaw–Smyer 4-H
3rd–Brayden Shaw–Smyer 4-H

Class 8–Cross-Light Weight

1st–Matthew Pinkert–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Mac Thompson–Ropes 4-H
3rd–Cooper Shaw–Smyer 4-H

Class 9–Cross–Middle Weight

1st–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Troy Holdman–Sundown 4-H
3rd–Canan Wood–Anton FFA

Class 10–Cross–Heavy Weight

1st–Alexis Pinkert–Whitharral 4-H
2nd–Canan Wood–Anton FFA
3rd–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H

Class 2–Champion ABC–Austen Thetford–Anton 4-H
Class 3–Reserve Champion ABC–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H
Class 6–Champion British–Brayden Shaw–Smyer 4-H
Class 7–Reserve Champion British–Cooper Shaw–Smyer 4-H
Class 11–Champion Cross–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H
Class 12–Reserve Champion Cross–Alexis Pinkert–Whitharral 4-H
Class 13–Grand Champion–Brayden Shaw–Smyer 4-H
Class 14–Reserve Grand Champion–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H

Steer Show–Junior Showmanship Award–Weston Sasser–Whitharral 4-H
Steer Show–Senior Showmanship Award–Alexis Pinkert–Whitharral 4-H
Steer Show–Peewee Showmanship–Tucker Parkinson

Barrow show will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 9am. The awards and sale will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:30am

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