Levelland City Council Holds Regular Meeting

Republic Services made a presentation on poly cart garbage collection system.  This is widely used in many communities around the state for garbage collections.  This presentation is in preparation for the city looking at reviewing their garbage service contract next year.  Each resident would have a portable poly cart container for garbage and would roll it to the curb for once a week pick up.  It is made for household trash only, furniture and large items would be picked up separately.  The service would be on a scheduled pick up day.  It was stressed that this is only an option and no decision will be made right now.  The question was asked how the containers would maintain in the wind–for the most part they will remain standing according to a representative of the company.  Carts are easy to roll even when full and can be easily handled by the elderly as well.  It was noted that if a disabled person was not able to get it to the curb, the driver would actually get off of the truck and get the cart.  This is the safest and cleanest garbage collection method possible.  The representative noted that this would be an upgrade for the city garbage service.  It was noted that the truck that we use currently in Levelland is hard to get because 70% of residential garbage collection is done by this automatic collection method with the poly containers.  Some of the advantages of the program include…..

Carts are furnished as part of monthly fee
Cleaner for neighborhoods
Easy to use
Safest method possible
Less damage to alleys
Pick up from paved street not alley–meaning less damage to alleys
Most efficient means possible.
This would help eliminate some of the large items that are not supposed to be in the dumpster to start with–those items would be placed in the alley as they should be now and residents are asked to contact the city when there is something in the alley to be picked up.  Mayor Waymon Jackson said he had experience with this type service in another community and it was a major hassle and the dumpster service we get in the alley is the absolute best you can get.  He went on to say that this is the absolute worst for the city of Levelland.  This program would eliminate illegal dumping from people in the county.

The council also took action to consider all matters incident to issuing a notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation in relation to Levelland Oxy Sports Complex.  Representative of First Southwest of Dallas gave a presentation.  Notice would have to be published in the local newspaper 2 separate dates and then 30 days following last publication bonds would be sold.  Rates as of last week are 3.29% on a 20 year bond.  Bond would be 4.5 Million dollar bond.  Interest rates would be locked in at low rate.  Noted that this bond is not a voter approved bond and would not be paid by property taxes and would only be paid by the .25% sales tax being collected for this purpose as approved by voters 2 years ago.  City credit rating is AA- which is the 2nd highest rating outlook.  Funds will be available in early February. Cody Poage indicated he felt citizens should vote on this.  Billy Youngblood and Mike Jackson both stated that citizens have voted on it and feels we should move forward.  Larry Davidson said “the people voted for the sports complex and they expected money to be spent.”  City administration strongly pointed out that this bond would only be paid for with sales tax dollars.  In the event of a short fall from sales tax dollars the city could have to levy a property tax.  Cody Poage indicates he is not for or against but feels that citizens need to go to a vote.  It was noted that if this goes to a bond you would have to do it with property tax but you could still pay it with sales tax.  Election could not be held until May and interest rates could go up.  Resolution was read by city secretary in absence of city attorney as required by city charter.  Billy Youngblood made motion to approve motion, it was seconded by Mike Jackson and approved on a vote of 3-1 with Cody Poage casting the dissenting vote.   The Mayor also requested that Mayor ProTem sign the documentation as he wants no part of it.

Motion made and unanimous approval for a new freestanding slide valued at 8000 dollars for LG Griffin Park following a request of several citizens.

The council also heard a request from the Young Professionals from the Chamber of Commerce for park equipment for Lobo Lake park.  Playground equipment in place at the park is in poor shape and is heavily used by the entire community.  Requesting nearly $30,000 for new playground equipment.  It was also noted that the County Historical Commission has secured an arrow head that will be placed at this park as part of the Quannah Parker Trail.  This program is part of the Texas Historical Commission.  The project should be completed by late March depending on weather.  With this expenditure the fund would have $17,000 remaining and the city generates approximately $2000 per month into the fund.

The council also took action to act on a request for Hotel Occupancy Tax funds for 2 Rodeos to be held in Levelland,  The first is the Tri State High School Rodeo scheduled for February 23-24 and the second being the SPC NIRA Rink Bownds Memorial Rodeo to be held March 21-23.  They also approved a request for advertising and marketing funds for 2012-2013 which will pay for advertising on local media, radio and tv, for events to be held at the Mallet.  The advertising plan will highlight events monthly in local radio and newspaper.  They also have requested funds to advertise in industry driven publications and for printed posters to be placed in hotel lobbies to advertise community events.  Request totalled just over $15,000 and was approved unanimously.

The council also approved bids for the police vehicles.  They had budgeted for 3 marked units.  They took bids on both the sedans and SUV’s.  The SUV’s actually bid lower than the sedans.  Bid awarded to R&K Autoplex for the Chevrolet Tahoes for Police Department totalling $85,710 and $20,227 for a pick up for the water department.  That bid was also awarded to R&K Autoplex.

Suspend request from Xcel Energy rate increase and authorize Levelland to participate in a program with several other municipalities to further review this case by professional consultants.  The suspension is in effect for atleast 90 days.

The council reviewed reports for Tax Increment Financing Zone 1 and Zone 2 as required by the state.  No real activity in either zone in the past year.  It was approved with little discussion.

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