Levelland Community Development board Reviews Sports Complex Cost Estimates

The Levelland Community Development Corporation reviewed pricing and proposed plans for 3 different concepts for the Levelland Oxy Sports Complex to be built at the intersection of Hwy 385 and Equalizer Road in South Levelland.

The 3 concepts range from 4.0 million dollars to 5.3 million dollars for phase 1 which basically includes 4 quadrants which can be used for Softball or Baseball fields plus an asphalt parking lot, maintenance building and concession stand plus a soccer/football field combo.

In concept 1 of the this phase it includes the 4 quads being fully built out with covered bleachers, concession stands, dugouts, common area for playground area, etc.  It also includes a soccer/football field combo with bleachers.  It also includes scoreboard, PA system and press box for the softball/baseball quads.  All fields would be natural grass.   Total Concept 1-5.4 Million dollars.

In concept 2 of phase 1, it includes the 4 quads for softball and baseball, however only 2 of those would be built out with scoreboards, bleachers, PA system and press boxes.  It also would not include any bleachers for the soccer/football fields and no concession stand for the soccer/football field.  Total Concept 2—4.0 Million dollars.

In concept 3 of phase 1, it includes the 4 quads for softball and baseball, however only 2 of those would include Press Boxes, scoreboards, bleachers, etc.  It also includes a full size baseball field which would be fully furnished with bleachers, press boxes, PA systems, etc.  It also would not include any football/soccer field.  Total Concept 3—5.4 Million dollars.

The board spent considerable time discussing ways to pay for the project.   City Manager Rick Osburn told the board that currently the fund from sales tax collection has 750 thousand dollars in it.  Currently sales tax collection is $400,000 per year.  It was discussed that the city could go out for bonds similar to those used to pay for the rail park which do not require voter approval and then pay for the bond with sales tax proceeds.  A 10 bond with a $300,000 payment per year would yield 2.6 million while a 15 year would yield 3.5 million and a 20 year would yield 4.2 million.  It was noted that by the time construction starts the city could obtain the 20 year bond at 4.2 million and would likely have 1 million in the fund from money already collected.

The board voted to have city administration go to city council to begin the process of obtaining a 20 year bond and to issue an RFQ to hire a construction manager agent to work with the board to hammer down on costs and wants for the facility.  They also asked engineers to come back with scaled back cost option to do more soccer/football fields with no bleachers on any field and also look at various placement options for the fields.  They will meet again after the city council has acted on their request.

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